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How can you listen to TV in Spanish?

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Some stations are in Spanish depending on what part of "the States" in which you live. The most common are Telemundo and Univision. Also your TV may be equipped with an SAP button which will automatically translate some of the more popular shows to Spanish when pressed. Note: SAP does not work for all programs, only those that have been designed to work with the system. One example is "Friends." Another way to watch Spanish airwaves might be if you own a satellite dish. Sometimes you will find stations like Telemundo and Univision on satellite dishes as part of their cheap packages.

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How do you say 'listen' in Spanish?

"To listen (to)" in Spanish is "escuchar". "Listen" as a command would be "escuche".

What does the word listen mean?

listen is spanish means 'escuchar'. Which is that you hear but you also pay attention. listen is 'escuchar' and it is different from hear in the way as in spanish. In spanish hear is 'oir'

Listen in Spanish?


How do you say what music do you like to listen to in Spanish?

que musica te guat mas? this is the spanish for what music do you like to listen to... que musica te guat mas? this is the spanish for what music do you like to listen to...

What does the Spanish word escucha mean?

Escuchar - to listen. Escucha - he/she listen.

How do you say karaoke in Spanish?

type it in on spanish dict and listen to it

How do you say to listen in spanish?


How do you say I listen in spanish?


How do you say listen in Spanish?


What does escuchemos mean in spanish?

we listen

What do listen mean in spanish?


What is the spanish word for listen?

Listen is "escucha" pernounced; es-coo-chah

Aney special music they listen to?

no they listen to both spanish and American music . Who is 'they'?

What is the tu command for the verb escuchar in spanish?

Escucha --- listenEscuchas --- You listen

What does oyeme mean in Spanish?

Oyeme is Spanish command that means "Listen to me!"

What is TV in Spanish?

TV in Spanish is 'television' pronounced 'tel-e-vis-ee-on'

How can you improve your French?

The best way to improve "your" french is to be with french speaking people and to force yourself to talk french. Listen to french tv, read books in french. I could talk in spanish but what made me really talk in spanish was to go to Spain and be 100 % into spanish (friends, TV, news papers, everyday life).

How do you say 'to listen' in Spanish?

the verb "to listen" translates into "escuchar" or "oir".

How do you say listen with your eyes in Spanish?

listen with your eyes = escucha con tus ojos

How do i say listen to you in spanish?

estoy escuchando a ti (i am listening to you)escucho a ti (i listen to you)

How do you say didn't listen to coach in spanish?

Who is the person who "did not listen to the coach"? Specify the context.

What does escuchan mean in Spanish?

It means "they listen".

How do you say they listen in Spanish?

Ustedes escuchan

What do dominicans listen to?

dominicans listen to whatever is it they wanna listen too you have some who listen to only spanish and you have some who listen to both it all on whatever we wanna listen too i myself listen to R&B and Merenque

What does the Spanish word escuchar mean in English?

Escuchar is a verb meaning to listen. Escucho means I listen.The verb escuchar means to listen, so escucho means I listen.listen