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Convince your parents that it is in your best interest, so that they can get the court order changed. The court may not want to agree.

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Q: How can you live with your mother in Kansas when your dad has sole custody and you are living in California?
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Does the father get custody of the children if mom has passed away?

If married, and not living in Kansas. If the mother had a custody order, and first right of refusal is not declared in the orders, he will need to file a custody challenge against her parents. Kansas has an old law that does not allow widowers to have custody of young children. The maternal grandparents can take them.

How can you best gain custody of your children who are currently living with their mother and the mother is a drug dealer?

How can you best gain custody of your children who are currently living with their mother and the mother is a drug dealer

How can you get custody of a child when the mother left the state they where living in with the child?

Normally child custody sides with the Mother not the Father.

In California does an unmarried mother with no custody agreement allowed to live in another town After 1 year can the father force her to move back?

who can help a unmarried mother in California get legal and physical custody for free

Where does prince Michael Jackson jr live?

Michael Jackson's mother has custody of all his 3 children and they are all living with her most probably at the family house in Encino, California.

Does a mother automatically have custody even without court papers?

not if she's married, or a single mother living in Arizona

Does birth mother have sold custody of child if she is not married to father but father of baby is on birth certificate and living with her in Arizona?

No she cant be the mother or have custody for a child she dont even own

Who has legal custody of a minor child when parents never married in the state of co?

mother has sole custody even if living with father

If no court order for custody has been granted and the parents are unmarried who has the custody of a child in California?

Mother has sole custody in every state except Arizona. see link below

Can a mother lose custody of her 2 year old child for living with an illegal alien?


Who has custody if the child lives with you full time in pa?

And you are? If the parents were not married the mother has custody until the father can petition for it after he has proved paternity in court. If married you have equal custody. Just living with you does not give you custody. it has to go through court.

What if child shares living with mother and father?

That would be called joint custody and can be a good arrangement if it can be accomplished.

Can a father take his son out of California with out permission of mother when having joint custody?

No, he can't. It can, and if mother objects strongly enough, it probably will be considered kidnapping.

Does the father get custody if the mother dies?

The father would be the favored person to get legal custody if the mother had custody and died unless he was found to be unfit to have custody.

The agreement between 2 parents is custody to mother but weekends for father if the mother dies who would get custody?

the father gets the custody of the child if the mother dies

Who gets custody of a baby when the father is 19 and the mother is 17 and living at home?

The courts will determine who gets custody of the child. The courts will consider what is in the best interest of the child.

Marriage when a mother has custody of adult but then adult get married who has custody wife or mother?


Where are Michael Jackson's kids?

They are in temporary custody with Michael Jackson's mother. Michael Jacksons kids are living with their grandmother

If a unmarried father is in the military and the mother is living with her parents and she has no job what are the chances that the father will get full custody of his child?

15% to

Who usually gets custody the mother or the father?

In most circumstances the mother gets primary custody.

Does California automatically grant unwed mother sole custody of child?

It is not a grant. A married couple has legal custody of their child by virtue of being legally married. An unmarried mother has sole custody of her child, since there is proof that she gave birth to the child, until the father establishes his paternity legally. Once he has established his paternity the father can request custody and visitations.

Does the mother get sole and legal custody of kids if never married the father in California?

She has it be default at the time of the birth. see link

If an unwed mother has sole custody can she still get child support in California?

YES, a woman can file for child support and not address custody in the courts, but a man can not request visitation time without the subject of child support being addressed. All single mother have sole custody by default, in 49 states.

In Kansas can the biological father have his parental rights reinstated after having relinquished them so the child could be adopted by the mother?

Since a sinlge mother has sole custody by default, this question makes no sense.

Can the single father take away the child from the mother's living place without the court order?

Yes, unless there is a custody agreement in order. Neither mother or father has custody legally.