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Try using a free service, where you can get up to 5 free estimates from quality, reliable swimming pool builders. The latter is the official company the first is a wanna be. Kenny Kummer Brody Chemical

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Q: How can you locate certified or quality pool builders?
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Are pool chemicals certified for safety and quality?

Don't know if this is what you mean by certified, but pool chems that have the potential to harm you usually say so with words like "hazardous," "poison," "corrosive," and "oxidizer." Many pool chems are potentially dangerous and care needs to be taken when using them. I don't know if there are any quality certifications.

Where to get an in ground pool?

Look in the phone book under pool builders, or better still get a recomendation from a friend that had a pool built.

What is the difference between a lifeguard and a pool attendant?

A lifeguard is a certified life saver, a pool attendant usually maintains the pool

Do salt systems permanently discolor plaster pool surfaces?

It can. Even with properly salt pool balanced chemicals the salt can leach out mineral from the pool equipment and poor quality salt that will stain "cement" pools. When deciding on a salt pool make sure that the pool lining and pool equipment are salt compatible. Pool builders don't explain this to prospective pool buying because it will increase the purchase price and the stains are not notice until several years after construction.

Swimming Pool Builders?

form_title=Swimming Pool Builders form_header=Swim laps at home with your new swimming pool! Find a builder in your area. What shape of a pool would you like? =_ Do you want the pool level or do you want a deep-end? = () Level () Deep-End () Unsure Are you interested in a concrete or fiber-glass pool?= {(),Concrete,Fiber Glass,Other,Unsure} Desired Completion Date=_

Does a swimming pool contractor have to be certified?

Yes, absolutely. Swimming pools involve construction and plumbing which have to be done correctly for the pool to function and be safe. It is not as simple as diging a hole in the ground so it is important to only work with certified pool contractors.

What questions should one ask of pool builders to ensure reliability?

"Do you have a showroom I can look at?", "How many projects have you done that would make you qualified to build my pool?", "Is all of the necessary work encompassed in my contract?" are some of the important questions one should ask of pool builders to ensure reliability.

Can you get a quality outdoor swimming pool at a reasonable price?

Yes, you can get a quality outdoor swimming pool at a reasonable price. It usually just depends on how big you want the pool to be, and how much you are willing to spend for a bigger pool.

How do you heat an above ground pool?

locate pool in sunny area, use a solar water heater, solar pool cover, pool heater or enclosed sun room

How and how long you do treat a newly re-plastered pool?

"treating" a new plastered pool -- new or old -- you have to treat the water forever. Follow the builders instructions. Each one has his own methods or system. As a rule builders will not allow you to start up a new pool especially if you have no previous experience. They will have a pool tech service the neew pool for the first few weeks so nothing goes wrong. k

How do you gat a free pool in secret builders?

u would being people to your top tree

How much should an in ground gunite pool in tn cost?

That depends o the pool the builder the location and the quality of materialsThat depends o the pool the builder the location and the quality of materials

How can you locate a pool leak?

Detailed instructions on finding and repairing swimming pool leaks can be found at the article links added to the left.

Where can you be a lifeguard?

Where you can work as a lifeguard depends on where you want to work and what you get certified as. If you can only get certified for lifeguarding at a pool or amusement park then that's where you will work. If you can get certified as an open-water lifeguard, it all depends on how far you are willing to commute and how you feel about training for it. Open-water training is definitely more challenging than pool certification.

Are Green Leaf pool tables good?

cheap quality chinese made pool table

Has anyone heard of AE Marrier pool tables If so how is the quality?

I have a custom built marrier pool table that is about 25 years old. It is beautiful and very good quality!

How much does adding a pool and spa increase the value of a home in PA?

that depends on the size and quality of the pool.

Without spending a fortune what is the best way to achieve a deep blue coloured pool still using a quality product?

Steal the product, It is a fact of life that you have to pay for quality and in the pool market you are even overcharged for bad quality.

What are some pool construction places in Ohio?

Some pool construction places that are located in Ohio are; Edwards Pools of Ohio, Qs Pools, Waters Edge Pools, Ohio Pool Builders, and Anchor Pools to name a few.

How do you re marbelite a pool?

Refinishing a pool surface is an artform in itself. In fact, most material makers require their products to be installed be one of their certified applicators.

What is a special feature of the McDermott pool cues?

McDermott pool cues are considered to be very high quality pool cues. These cues are made with the latest technology and materials available in the world. These cues are said to lead the industry in performance, service and quality.

Do you have to be a certified pool operator to add pool chemicals?

Most states require a CPO for public and commercial pools, but not for pools for personal use (such as a home pool). Check with your state licensing office for further information.

How do you drop the water table?

That is a naturally occurring attribute for the area that you live in. Most pool builders have figured out what they must do to allow for it.

If the plaster in a pool chips off how will that effect the quality of the pool water?

It probably wont, If anything slightly raise PH.

What does a certified pool operator make per hour?

Not enough to pay for internet to be able to answer this CPO question.