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check for vaccume leaks. this can sometimes be hard to do so take you time.

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Q: How can you lower the revs on a Fiesta?
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When i drive my Ford Fiesta flair and step on the clutch the revs keeps climbing. What do i do?

Just start it like normal and when the revs start to sound distorted start accelerating

Your fiesta has a Lack of power in third gear revs go very high?

you need a new clutch

Your Ford Fiesta stalls most times when turning right?

when turningright,it could cut out because of power steering,make the revs drop,check fluid level

What is sign is present when your jeep liberty makes a hissing noise and revs lower then 1000 rpms?


How do you drain the cooling system on a 1997 ford fiesta to put antifreeze in?

The most effective way to drain a fiesta is to remove the lower radiator hose at the radiator end

Is their a supercharger to suit a R31?

actually you can fit a supercharger and turbo charger on any vehicle, but before you this you have to think of certain factors that you want to achieve. 1st do you want a direct response from lower revs or higher revs? 2nd is your engine tough enough to handle a certain amount of boost? When not you must consider of changing internals of the engine but its better to include also in the modification the gearbox and differential. if the best thing to do is to install a turbocharger and supercharger into the R31. supercharger gives you power in the lower revs it responses well when the engine reaches higher revs the turbo kicks in and gives you a better boost. consider also a big intercooler.

What do they mean by revs like say 6000 revs?

Rpms, revolutions per minute.

When was Revs - video game - created?

Revs - video game - was created in 1984.

When did Revs - video game - happen?

Revs - video game - happened in 1984.

Engine revs for Audi a3 1.6 petrol?

What revs should my audi 1.6 show at seventy miles an hour and how many revs should it show when ticking over

What is the cost of Ford Fiesta Zetec?

The cost of a For Fiesta Zetec is about $22, 990 from a dealership. There will also need to be insurance added and the cost of gas and other on-road costs. The price may be lower from a pre owned lot.

1998 fiesta flasher unit location?

In or near the fuse block probably lower left side of the steering column

Why does 1994 fiesta keep stalling?

My girlfriends Fiesta had the same problem when slowing down and depressing the clutch. The revs should have gone to their tick-over level, but they tended to fall below this and the engine would stall. The idle air inlet valve was changed and has completely sorted the problem. She's been running it for about 10 months now and it's never happened again.

How adjust motor revolution?

Turn the throttle, revs go up. Let to, revs go down.

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What is a fiesta and what will you see at a fiesta?

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Engine cuts out at low revs and EAC fail displays on dashboard on 03 Fiesta LX?

I have a 2003 Ford Fiesta LX and last week whilst driving my engine cut out when I was breaking for a junction, and then continued to do so whenever the car was stationary, cruising in neutral or the revs simply got too low. The next day when driving it the EAC fail message came up on the dashboard and all power was lost briefly. I've been told by many people that the engine cutting out is a problem with the Idle control valve, but is it likely the EAC fail is due to the same thing? Thanks

Does a diesel have more power than a gas motor?

A diesel has more power and torque at lower revs. Petrol engines need higher speed to develop power.

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What are the merits and demerits of plate clutch?

Pro: you are able to change gear when your engine revs are different from your transmission revs. Con: when torque is high or the difference in revs (see above) is too big, it will slip.

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