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Figure out why he hates you, then stop doing whatever that is!

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How do you make your crush like you when in grade school?

Be open to your crush. You can flirt with him and he will find out. Someone in your grade can tell him, she has a crush on you.

How do you make an 8th grade girl stop hating you?

well how old are you? Um have you tried apologizing

How can you make a fourth grade guy think you're hot by appearance?

You don't. Keep your body to yourself, and don't have loose morals, especially in fourth grade.

Im in fourth grade and i have a crush on a fifth grader im lost?

will you should date one of the boys that your best tip like you and make sure that one are both are not stupited are just like you just like i said

What should you do if you are in 7th grade and your crush is in 6th?

Same thing if they were your age. Be nice. Make friends.

What do you do if your crush hates you and you are in 5th grade?

juss be nice and let them fk you it will make everything better i promise:)

What are really good dares to do to an 8th grade boy in class?

make him kiss his crush or tell him to stuff his face...thats what i did to my friends...and im in 8th grade...

How do i get my crush to kiss me in 6th grade and go out with me in 6th grade?

You shouldn't be kissing in 6th grade. It's way too early. But if you insist, I would suggest a kiss on the cheek, and nothing else. To make him/her go out with you, just ask her/him. Try being nicer towards your crush, and showing them you care.

How did Egyptians make make-up?

I actually studied this in 5th grade. They use mineralds and they crush it up and actually use it as powder.

How old was Bill Clinton when he started the saxophone?

He was in fourth grade which would make him 9 years old.

How do you make a boy at ninth grade to fall in love with a girl at fourth grade?

U dont no 9th grader would ever go out with a 4th grader

How do you get a fourth grade boy to like a fourth grade girl?

To just go hang with your bffs/bff and laugh and make it look our having a great time and then ask him what every like : Hey lets be friends , do you like me stuff like that

How do you make a boy like you in 4th grade?

you don't make a boy like you in fourth grade because you are way to young in the first place to try to get a boy to even try to look at you in a nasty way.

Crush on a boy in the 5th grade but you have no idea how to flirt with himWhat should you do?

be assertive and agressive, make him totally want you... but not too much

Can you kiss a 9 grader when you are in fourth grade?

well... you can kiss anyone really but if you are in 4th grade and this is an actual make out kiss than the 9th grader is prolly taking advantage of you :(

Im a girl in 5th grade how do you get crush to like you?

The best thing to do in my opinion is to make eye contact and give positive body language.

How do you make a boy have a crush on you?

You can't make anyone have a crush on anyone. Either someone has a crush on you or they don't.

Are you to young to have a boyfriend in fourth grade?

The best answer is this: You will be happier in the long run to make friends with all the boys in your class (except bullies or mean ones, if any), and it will also make you popular with all the boys. I taught fourth graders for 30 years - they were actually my favorite grade to teach. But the exclusive "boyfriend/girlfriend" at fourth grade age doesn't work - the longest lasting one I ever saw was three weeks, and ended with a lot of very hurt feelings. Fourth graders are on average just ten years old. Be a kid for a while yet!

How do you make a guy like you if you're in the fourth grade?

Well in the fourth grade I liked this guy but he woudnt pay attenton to me. We were both in the gate program so the way I tried to grab his attention was by trying to compete with him on who was the faster worker. So, just try to get his attention. == == == ==

How do you make a fourth grader like you if you are a third grader?

3RD GRADE? You are way to young to like someone. You should focus on being energetic and careless. ( 4th grade is still to young.)

How did the ethnic division start in Rwanda?

belgium created the division to make the people stop hating them and sart hating each other

How can a fourth grade boy kiss a fourth grade girl at recess without anyone finding out?

i don't think ya'll should be kissing in fourth grade but if u must go somewhere that no one else goes and do it on the last day of school so the whole school wont be talking about it for the rest of the year also make sure she isn't the type of girl that will tell everyone about it and good luck

Can you make a sentence with repeat?

Can you please repeat the question? He was able to repeat the process a number of times. You are going to have to repeat the fourth grade.

How do you make your ex boyfriend from hating you to liking you?

Flirt with someone else to make him jealous.

How do you look cuter in 4th grade with out make-up?

In fourth grade chances are youare still at the cute Awh. That little girl is cute stage and then once you hit the fifth grade you dont have that little kid cute affect anymore.