How can you make a friend?

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Hang out with them. Ask them to be your friend.

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How do you make a friend into a faithful friend?

You can't make another person be the person you want them to be. You can be a faithful friend to your friend and your friend may reciprocate.

How do you make new freinds?

if you want to make a friend, be a friend.

How can you make your gay friend straight?

You can not "make" someone "straight" and if you really are a friend you will accept him/her as they are. If you can't, then, you are not a friend to them.

What can you make your friend on her birthday?

Make your friend a cake, or a friendship bracelet.

How to make a friend?

To make a friend, approach one, be good to him, and have time for him or her.

How do you make a pokeblock without a friend?

No, you have to have a friend

What is a cyber friend?

A friend you make on the internet

Should i be friend with a friend who as a friend with benefits?

No, make your own friends.

How do you make a girl friend?

I don't think you can make a girl friend. You can find one, But not make one.

Can you make a girl friend in GTA IV?

You cant make a girl friend but you could go to tonys nigth club and get a girl friend to make out whit

How do you make a friend forgive you when that friend is wrong?

You cant because s/he is not a friend.

What does mean lend your money and lose your friend?

You should not lend money to your friends; if you do, either you will have to bother your friend to repay the loan, which will make your friend resent you, or your friend will not repay the loan, which will make you resent your friend.

How do you make an imaginary friend come to life?

You cannot make your imaginary friend come to life.

How many words can you make out of the word friend?

You could make 12 wordsout of the word friend.

What is a frenemy?

Frenemy=friend+enemy. If you make an enemy, they are not your frenemy. If you make a friend, they are not your frenemy, either.

How do you make people become your friend?

You can't make anyone your friend. You can only be yourself. They will have to like you for who you are.

How do you make my parents forget?

make a friend

How can you get a cat to love you?

The best way to make a friend is to be a friend.

How do you make friend who is a girl but she does not want to be my friend?

You have to impress her and not be an idiot

What do you do if you are best friends with someone else best friend?

Always make time with your best friend. Don't be mean to the other best friend. You can be make your relationship suffer from your best friend. And if you feel like you aren't being wanted from your friend say to him/her about your feelings. BUT MAKE SURE THAT YOUR BEST FRIEND IS REALLY SUPPORTIVE

Your friend is your cousin's cousin's cousin what does that make the two of you?

If your friend is your cousin's cousin's cousin, that make the two of you friend who might, or might not, be distantly related.

How do you make your friend cooler?

you should not have to make your friend cooler, you should like you friend for themselves and how much you care about them. don't try and change people.

How do you make good friend became lover?

In doing so you may loose a friend, but you can not make someone love you. Talk this over with your good friend.

How do you make a friend your worst friend?


How can you make your friend gay?

You can't "make" someone gay. Either they are or they aren't. It would be like trying to "make" your friend shorter or taller.