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I don't know what age you are, but you can make it out of paper/glue (paper mache.) Take strips of paper and use slightly water-down glue you can get at any craft shop (the white glue that dries clear.) Let harden, and when shaped and finish then use craft paints to give it a more realistic look. Go onto the internet and look up a picture of Mount Rushmore so you can get as much detail into your project as possible.

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Why did they make Mt-Rushmore?

why did the creater od mount Rushmore make mount Rushmore

How did they make Mount Rushmore?

Lots of dynamite.

What year did president make up mount Rushmore?

They didn't use makeup to create Mount Rushmore, but the creation of Mount Rushmore started in 1921 by Gutzon Borglum and finished by his son in 1941.

How do you make Mount Rushmore out of clay?

chew your butt

How do people make a living on Mount Rushmore?

you tell me

Why did they make Mount Rushmore?

To Celebrate the 150th anniveristy of the united states

Did Washington Jefferson Roosevelt and Lincoln make Mount Rushmore?


Where did the sculptor of Mount Rushmore originally want to make this monument?


How can a child make a paper mache model of Mount Rushmore?

* you make it by findin out how suckers

Which four presidens make up Mount Rushmore?

what names of the presedents name

How many tons of explosives were used to make Mount Rushmore?

10 million pounds

Could Mount Rushmore fall apart?

It could, it depends on how strong Mount Rushmore is and what could make it fall apart. The most likely reason for it to fall apart is by earthquake, but I wouldn't count on it falling apart.

Did they use axes to make Mount Rushmore?

Natural forces made Mount Rushmore. The carvings were done by man. No doubt axes would have been used at some point in the process, to clear vegetation for instance.

What presidents make up mout Rushmore?

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt's faces are carved onto Mount Rushmore

Why were the four presidents chosen to make up Mount Rushmore?

because they were good at there job and awesome at what they do

What was used to make the carving at Mount Rushmore?

mainly, hammers and drills that ran on compressed air; also, hand tools

Where is located the four American Presidents make up Mount Rushmore?

Mt. Rushmore is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 43^ 52' 49" N; 103^ 27' 33" W

Why is there only 4 faces on Mount Rushmore?

The decision to carve 4 faces on Mt. Rushmore was made by the sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, based on his assessment of the rock, and the statement that he wished to make about American history.

How do you make a Pivot video?

firstly you get the stick figure and go to mount Rushmore then shove it up george washingtons nose now that is a good pivot video

Which Four American Presidents make up Mount Rushmore and how tall are the sculptures?

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt. 60 ft. chin to top of head

What does replication mean?

to make a replica or duplicate

What do you feel about Mount Rushmore?

It's one of the most iconic and well constructed monuments in the U.S. and does a great job of honoring 4 men that helped make America the great country it is today.

Where can you get a replica of Eragon?

they're nonexsistent. you have to make one.

What makes South Dakota famous?

South Dakota is famous because it is the Mount Rushmore State. Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in western South Dakota, in the Black Hills. Other things that make South Dakota famous are: Crazy Horse Memorial Sturgis Motorcycle Rally World's Only Corn Palace Badlands National Park Wall Drug (Wall Drug signs are found around the world.)

What type of rock is used to make mt Rushmore?


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