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Go to your local grocery store and they should have a foot care isle. They make all kinds of sprays, powders, foot washes and insoles to help keep odor at bay. The best stores that carry all of those products are wal-mart, target, k mart and so on. arm and hammer baken sode

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How do you separate iron from baby powder?

Run a magnet over the mixture of nails and baby powder. Iron will be attracted by the magnet while baby powder will not.

Can eating baby powder cause yeast infections?

Well, no one should eat baby powder. Do you mean, using baby powder can cause yeast infections?

What helps inner thigh rashes go away?

baby powder helps but it does not make it go away. but try it!

How do you get your feet to smell nice?

You can try using foot powder or baby powder in your shoes to keep a maintained, fresh odor.

Will using baby powder on an adult males groin area cause infertility?


Is using baby powder on your vagina healthy?

well i dont know... but it does help.

What is the common nouns for Johnsons baby powder?

The words "baby" and "powder" are common nouns.

What is baby powder?

Baby powder is a powder used for preventing diaper rash in babies.

What is the pH of baby powder?

Baby powder is neutral or 7.

Is baby powder considered as matter?

yes, baby powder is considered as matter because baby powder is a homogenous mixture.

Does the baby power mascera trick actually work?

Yes. Using baby powder on your lashes will make them appear fuller.

Is baby powter yummy?

Baby powder is not yummy at all. Alkali is a chemical in baby powder. It is not safe to eat the baby powder, it could be poisonous!

Is baby powder made of babies?

No, baby powder is talcum powder mixed with fragrance.

Is baby powder and borax powder the same?

Baby powder is based on talc ( talcum powder). Borax powder is used as a laundry and cleaning product .

How do you cure sweaty armpits?

You can try using deodorant and then putting baby powder over the top of it.

What is the softest type of rock?

Talc is the softest kind of rock. It is most known for it's usage as a baby powder. It is important, when using talcum powder, to be sure the baby does not breathe it in, since it is bad for their lungs.

Eating baby powder while pregnant harmful?

Stick to eating food items only.

Can baby powder form AIDS?

Baby powder can't form AIDS.

Why do you eat baby powder?

Well, baby powder helps my throat. I get constant pain in my throat, and everytime, I eat Baby Powder. My doctor reccomended it.

What minerals are found in baby powder?

Talc is found in baby powder. To find out more about babu powder go to

Is baby powder an acid or base?

Baby powder is an acid and has a substance strength of 8.

Mineral with silky luster that is used in baby powder?

The mineral with a silky luster that is used in baby powder is talc. Baby powder also contains a mixture of magnesium.

What are the risk of inhaling baby powder while 8 month pregnant?

im not sure of the risk, but its NT healthy to continue to breath in baby powder, if its man made, done eat it or breath it or put it on ure skin

What is talcum powder used for?

It can be used in baby powder.

Can you put baby powder on broken skin?

nO you can't put baby powder on broken skin