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Schedules DONT WORK.

Feed your baby when it is hungry, not when you feel it should feed, breastmilk works on a supply and demand system.

Every feed, signals the body to make milk, so the longer you space between feedings, the less milk you make.

nurse, nurse, nurse! If you are "supplementing feedings" your supply is going to not be as good as it should be! Make sure to keep up a good breastfeeding or pumping schedule.

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Q: How can you make sure you continue to produce breast milk?
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Can you make breast milk?

You can make breast milk if you are a female mammal and are, or have recently been, pregnant. You can continue to make breast milk so long as you continue to be suckled. This is how dairy cows continue to produce year after year. Many substitutes for human breast milk have been developed under many different brand names.

Should you have Breast milk at four months?

If you continue to offer a newborn the breast from the time of birth and do not supplement with formula you will have an adequate supply of breast milk until you stop offering the breast. Breast milk is supplied based on demand. If the newborn/child suckles for it, your breasts will continue to produce milk indefinitely.

How can you produce breast milk if not pregnant?

=== === Both women and men can produce breast milk if they have or are given certain hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin. Women who have just given birth will usually continue to produce breast milk as long as they continue to nurse. In rare cases, women and men have been able to produce breast milk without the influence of medication. A tumor on the pituitary gland may cause hyperprolactinemia (excess prolactin in the blood) which will cause you to produce breast milk so if you are producing milk and are not pregnant or nursing you should see a doctor.

Why is there no milk in a breast?

A breast has to be lactating to produce milk.

Can a woman produce breast milk after menopause?

No. She can not produce breast milk after menopause.

As long as the average woman breast feeds will she produce milk?

Typically the average woman will continue to produce milk for as long as she breast feeds. In some cultures, women breast feed until the child is 2-3 years old.

How long does it take for your breast milk to stop if you are not breast feeding?

It should pretty much stop in a few weeks. But you may continue to produce small amounts of milk for a few years. There are pills you can get from your doctor to make it stop sooner.

Why do you still have milk in your breast and your son is 2?

Many mammals (including humans) will continue to produce milk for years as long it keeps being extracted. Some women continue to breast feed for six or seven years.

What can make a women produce milk from their breast?

once they've had a baby... but not always. some just don't produce milk.

How long do you have your milk in your breast?

All things being equal, as long as your child continues to provide the necessary nipple/breast stimulation by suckling the mother will continue to produce breast milk. Breast milk supply is determined by how demand the child places. Or more simply said, the more a child nurses, the more milk its' mother will produce.

Do they make a pill to make a womans breast produce milk?

I dont think so

How does breast milk produce?

Breast milk or lactation is caused by hormones from pregnancy.

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