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How can you make time go by fast?

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Have so much fun. Always works for me!

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How do you make time go by faster?

How to make time go by fast is count to 100 then count back to zero then go to 200 then back when you get done with 200 and back you will be like wow time went by fast.

How do you make the day go fast?

Stay busy. When you are busy - with almost anything - time goes very fast.

How fast can a Raptor 700r SE go?

As fast as you can make it go or wanna make it go but there are limits.

How can you make 2 days go by really fast?

Well, you can't literally make time go by really fast, but I think you mean that you want to try and make time fly. Many people say that if you're having fun, time flies. Try to do your hobbies the whole day.

How fast can rockets fly?

as fast as you can make it go

How fast is the wave board?

as fast as you can make it go or if you get pulled along by a car on 1 you can go as fast as the car can go

How do i make time go by fast while my boyfriend is gone?

go out have some fun :);) enjoy yourself with ur m8's

What are some ways to make time go by fast?

play a game you like, having fun doing it.

Why does time sometimes go fast and sometimes go slow?

You think the time goes fast if you are enjoying and you think the time goes slow if you not enjoying.

What are the instructions to fast food time the game?

Take the customers' order, then go make the food, then deliver it to the customers.

Why are car fast?

the actual car is not fast, it is the human driving that decides to make it go "fast"

Why did fast food come out?

because when people are on the go, they can't be bothered to make their own healthy type of food. and fast food is fast food when your on the go go go!

How do you go through the yeti caves in horseisle 2?

Walk one step at a time slowly, don't go fast, and you'll make it :D

What do you do to make school go by fast?


How do you make weeks go by fast?

have fun!

Where do you get fast balls on Pokemon Crystal?

you'll need a white apricorn to make fast ball, then go to Kurt to make it a fast ball.

Why do days go by so fast?

funny question, days go by fast because it is winter and summer rocks dude in summer u get longer days and kore time winter is not the kind of time to be outside its cold so god (mother nature) makes time go by fast and if it is christmas time goes by fast bcause of santa he has a stopwatch that stops time

How do you make a blAck eye go away fast?

Use an ice-pack but it still takes time. Meanwhile you could try to cover it with make-up.

Why do roller coasters go fast?

Roller Coasters go really fast because when your on them with other people there is a lot of weight on the roller coaster which make them go faster. Then roller coasters have wheels and your also going down hills some of the time.

How fast can a 1930s car go?

Same with any car, as fast as you can afford to make it. :)

What makes the B2 bomber go fast?

4 General Electric F-118 turbofans make it go fast.

Is there a drink that can make you go to sleep fast?

Cyanide =/

Does driving fast make your transmission go out?


How do you pass time fast?

The best way to pass time fast is to do something you really enjoy -- time doesn't really go any faster, but it seems to go faster when you are enjoying yourself.

How do you make Christmas come fast?

You cant make it come fast because there is 24 hours in everyday. But you can make the time feel like it goes fast by... Making christmas cards Putting decorations up Eat mince pies Get in the christmas mood Make decorations Have sunday roasts (similar to christmas dinners) Go christmas shopping Wrap presents And much more things to do with christmas it will make the time fly.