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Growing plants and trees would be a great idea, especially along roadsides and pavements. Parks and gardens are vital and can be found in alomst every country. In fact, many successful countries have them, such as Japan and Singapore, which is named "garden city". This is partially why traffic lights that say "GO" are green in colour. Greenery appeals to the human eye and heart. When we see them, we will naturally feel relaxed. This is also because plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. We will feel refreshed and energized when we breathe in oxygen. With plants and trees follows flowers. Flowers play an important part in everyday lives and it also helps to beautify our surroundings. This is because different flowers come in different colours. A diversity of colours will naturally make a place more vibrant and lively. Also, different flowers give off a certain scent and these scents will soothe the feelings of people when they walk past and breathe in the surrounding air. Therefore, planting trees and flowers along pavements where there is human traffic will increase the effectiveness in beautifying the environment. There is also another way --- building skyscrapers. Building high-rise buildings will increase the magnificence and majesticity of a city, such as Dubai and New York. Skyscrapers will give a feeling of awe and admiration to people, and thus leaving a better impression on the people. However, this method may be costly and not very environmental-friendly, as dust and carbon dioxide is given off during construction. *Special cases like Africa (deserts) where it is too hot and dry for plants to survive and the North and South poles where it is too cold and windy for plants to survive are exceptions.

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You can make your city beautiful by involving the community in cleanup efforts, planting trees and flowers, incorporating public art installations, and ensuring that buildings are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing. This can help create a more vibrant and attractive environment for residents and visitors.

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Q: How can you make your city beautiful?
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