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If your husband wants her then hewill keep her. Obviously he does. GET OUT NOW!!!!


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If you're talking about cheating then yes, it is a sin but, however, if she asks her husband and god for forgiveness and the husband doesn't forgive, then that too is a sin.

Hell No!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheating never works out

Could you please resubmit your question as it is important and I'd like to offer advice but I do not understand exactly what you are asking. Thank you.

ANSWER:In my own opinion theres only 3 things you can use, through his cell phone, email, and his time line to how long he works everyday.

Light Opera Works was created in 1980.

I feel bad for you. Say Good bye to that little mister. He's not a very good husband. and your parents are not very aware of whats going on im guessing. HE'S a CHEATER. =/

My dad did this too. He was cheating. I'm not sure if your husband is, but it's a high possibility. I would confront him on it because a marriage needs trust and I wouldn't be able to trust him if he is hiding something. Whatever happens, I hope it all works out for you in the end. Good luck.

Your question says cheated so I assume it is in the past. If he swears he is not cheating and there is no evidence to the contrary, then you have to take him at his word. It is pretty drastic to make him quit his job. Try to work through it.

by searching with a light

Husband works and wife works...hence a two job family.

My brothers answer: Slap them around the face and say "do you want my husband?" Apparently it works

AnswerMy first question is, why is he sleeping on the couch? If he works hard and gets calls during the night perhaps he's thinking of you and doesn't want to disturb you or he's cheating.If your husband does work for a company where phone calls can come in during the night or very early in the morning then I wouldn't jump to conclusions re cheating.Don't you think it's time you both started to communicate?i don't know why your asking this question he's cheating no dur!i hope i thoght you a easything. if you didn't know that before

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tube light woks like a tube light....

A diet pill works if you get results somewhat close to what has been advertised. Of course the advertisers are anoyying, cheating, con artists who sleep wiht their sisters and chose the best cases and write at the bottom in tiny light gray print "results not typical on a white background.

put a tracker on their phone it works every time.

A light bulb works by using energy to heat the metal piece in the middle to produce light. They are also filled with gas that increases the effects.

There are many ways you can tell or expect a man that he is cheating on you. Noticing a kiss, or the way he treats you, when he 'works late', or when he makes many excuses all the sudden.

Only you two can decide what is best for you. There can be compromise if it is wanted.

well, try to explain it reasonably as if it makes sense. if she then refuses, beg. thats what i do. always works.

My friend suspected her spouse of cheating, so she went out and purchased a tape recorder and hid it under the passenger seat of his car and recorded for a few days. That is how she caught him.

Stopping at the red light usually works.

Track his hours exactly to the amount of money earned on his paycheck, that's one way to prove how much time he does work. If it doesnt fall in the ballpark where it should then you need to be careful not to go accusing of cheating at first til you have proof in hand but do not let your guard down at the same time. Pay attention to details, things he says that happend that day or ask to borrow his phone politely and if he refuses theres something wrong.

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