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If your husband wants her then hewill keep her. Obviously he does. GET OUT NOW!!!!

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โˆ™ 2008-03-20 22:30:08
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Q: How can you make your husband stop cheating with a works for him and fire her He refuses to see the light?
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Is it love works when woman committed sin to his husband?

If you're talking about cheating then yes, it is a sin but, however, if she asks her husband and god for forgiveness and the husband doesn't forgive, then that too is a sin.

Do cheating relationships last?

Hell No!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheating never works out

Is my husband cheating about the race weight and age of women he works with?

Could you please resubmit your question as it is important and I'd like to offer advice but I do not understand exactly what you are asking. Thank you.

How and which discret tools you use to catch your cheating husband?

ANSWER:In my own opinion theres only 3 things you can use, through his cell phone, email, and his time line to how long he works everyday.

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What is the movie where the husband is some writer or editor and the wife works with a rock band and cheats on her husband?


Your husband cheated with co worker still works together?

Your question says cheated so I assume it is in the past. If he swears he is not cheating and there is no evidence to the contrary, then you have to take him at his word. It is pretty drastic to make him quit his job. Try to work through it.

What is meant by two job families?

Husband works and wife works...hence a two job family.

Is your husband cheating at work online he hid a myspace for 3 yrs and had 4 women at work accuse him of sexual harassment he works for my parents?

I feel bad for you. Say Good bye to that little mister. He's not a very good husband. and your parents are not very aware of whats going on im guessing. HE'S a CHEATER. =/

What would you think if your husband won't let you look through his phone?

My dad did this too. He was cheating. I'm not sure if your husband is, but it's a high possibility. I would confront him on it because a marriage needs trust and I wouldn't be able to trust him if he is hiding something. Whatever happens, I hope it all works out for you in the end. Good luck.

How do you know that your friend wants your husband?

My brothers answer: Slap them around the face and say "do you want my husband?" Apparently it works

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Tell a teacher trust me it works!

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How think my husband is interested in our babysitter who also works with him?

Ask him to be upfront with you.

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There are many ways you can tell or expect a man that he is cheating on you. Noticing a kiss, or the way he treats you, when he 'works late', or when he makes many excuses all the sudden.

What do you need to do to start a catch your spouse cheating business?

put a tracker on their phone it works every time.

What is important a husband who works hard abroad for his family or a husband who is sensitive to his wife's emotion?

Only you two can decide what is best for you. There can be compromise if it is wanted.

How do you beat red light cameras?

Stopping at the red light usually works.

What should you do if you find the business card of a woman who works at a bank three hours away in your husband's wallet and your husband refuses to take out any kind of loan?

I don't see the problem. He probably went to the bank previously and was handed a business card by an employee at the bank. I've had several given to me for possible loans or Retirement Planning. Your husband just doesn't want to take a loan out. If you don't believe him then go to another bank and see if he wants to take the loan out.