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The lips can be reduced through diverse surgical techniques. The face can be reduced through localized Liposuction if the problem is excessive fat or it can be used a bone reduction technique in the jaw and forehead.

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How do you make lips smaller?

You can make lips smaller by means of plastic surgery, but it is very unlikely that this is worth doing. The late Michael Jackson had a series of operations to make his nose smaller and smaller, but it did not do him any good.

How do you make mens or boys lips smaller if their lips is big?

give them people food

How do you make lips smaller for men? can't... sorry

How do you make your lips smaller without makeup?

Soak your lips in cold water for a few minutes everyday

How can you make your lips look smaller?

Yes, you can. If you were a light, more skin colour lipstick tone, your lips can looke smaller. Shocking red makes your lips look bigger; the opposite makes them look smaller. (Without cosmetic surgery)

How do you make symbol for lips on keyboard?

Well, you could do a face like this: :}|) or :}) or :{) or {|)

How do you shrink your lips?

why do you want your lips smaller guys like big lips!

How do you kiss bigger lips if have smaller lips?

the same way!!!

How can you make your lips smaller?

First use a skintone concealer on your lips, then use a lip pencil and draw up tp 5mm inside-away from your normal lip boundaries respecting their natural shape. And voilà you'll have some much smaller lips ;-).

How do you make a symbol of a lips with the keyboard keys?

:* this is a smiley face with works on facebook on chat...but sometimes doesnt work on other things

How do you make lips smaller with out surgery?

Make lips smaller?? Am I missing something?? Hello? Angelina Jolie... was the hottest woman in the world for I don't know how long.... Big lips are scientifically proven to be more attractive to a man, full lips suggest fertility and arousal - it is a wonderful and enviable problem you have there - use it to your advantage. And if you are a man - hello- Usher? I'm saying no more......

Can you make sunglasses smaller?

yes, sunglasses can be smaller depends on suitability on your face.

Why do lips chap before face?

The skin on the lips are more sensitive and fragile that the skin on once face .

How do you make a high sound on a trumpet?

You have to tighten your lips & the smaller the hole the higher sound. And say the letter m keep your lips like that and that is how you blow in your trumpet

How do you get rid of clown lips?

take off the face paint ... make up remover will help :)

Does lemon juice make lips smaller?

No. Lemon juice actually might burn them and certainly will dry them out.

How do you make your lips not stick out especially in a profile view?

You can flatten your lips by rolling them slightly inside and pressing them together. You can smile like this, but it may look strange. Keep a straight face and your lips won't stick out.

Is it OK for a girl of thirteen years of age to wear make up on her eyes lips and face?

yes when i was 9 i put make up on.

How can you make your lips become red and decrease the lips size?

A cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery may be able to help make your lips more beautiful and give you more self-confidence. The color of the lips in most races depend on local blood circulation, the oldest trick is to pinch or rub the lips, daily rubbing will increase the local circulation. To make the lips look smaller, before lipstick use a lip liner pencil and draw the lips contour not at the real border but very slightly inside the border and then use a dark lipstick but not totally dark. make your lips become red and decrease the lips size get the professional Cosmetic Surgeon.

If you kiss a frog on the lips will you get warts on your face?


You want to make out how?

tilt your head, press lips together move out move in suck a little on lips caress face, run hands through hair, or hold hands if you wish.

Is there any relationship between face lips and vagina lips?

They are both the cushioned surroundings of an orrifice.

What companies make skin care products for the eyes lips and face?

A great company that provides skin care products for the eyes, lips, and face is Aloette. Aloette has existed for over 30 years and is one of the leading companies in skin care for woman.

Can you get dermatitis on your lips?

make up your lips

How to repair holes on face become smaller?

One way to make the holes, or pores, in the face smaller is to apply cold water quickly before moisturizing after washing the face. Another way is to utilize facial mud masks.