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Q: How can you make your second grade teacher be very nice to you?
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How do you persuade your teacher to bump your grade up if you have an eighty-nine percent?

Go and talk to your teacher and be really nice about it. Ordering them to change the grade will not help. But if you prove to them that you actually know the material and give them a proper reason as to why you were not able to get the grade you want in the first place, your teacher is bound to help you.

Will your grade go down if you don't hand in a homework?

Yes. Unless your teacher is ignorant or very nice.

What to get your teacher for Valentine's Day in 3d grade?

A nice card you made yourself would be the most liked.

What grade is 77 percent?

In letter grades, 77% is (usually) a C+. If your teacher is nice, then it may be a B-.

Is mrsdailey nice?

yes she is the 2nd nicest teacher of all 7th grade twisters corre content teachers and ms.o'donooghue is nice but she is a gay country hick

How do you pass the seventh grade?

you have to do all your work,study hard,and do extra credit if needed and even if your teacher is nice or mean then just study and do work. thats what i did in 7th grade

How do you make a girl go out with you?

be nice to her and start telling the teacher on her then start laughing

How do you make a mean teacher nice?

you comliment her every day and get her in a great mood

I like my teacher but she's a pain?

You can't make another person like you but try to be nice,you might be a teacher's pet

How do you be nice to your keyboarding teacher?

First, you sag your pants. Second, you crack your knuckles. Third, you make wierd noises. Fourth, you spin in your chair. Fifth, tell her that is she isn't nice you'll run into a wall. Sixth, run into a wall anyways.

If your fifth grade classmate is a bully but he is nice to you and says that you are nice and you see him staring at you for a second or two would you think he likes you?

umm, let me think. YES

What should you do if you are in 7th grade and your crush is in 6th?

Same thing if they were your age. Be nice. Make friends.