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"I have a sash" uses ten letters to make a complete sentence.

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all girl gudies have to wear a sash to keep their badges on it

The plural of sash is sashes.

The Boy Scouts of America has a few rules for the merit badge sash. These are summarized from the Insignia Guide[linked] and from[linked]:The merit badge sash is available in 30 and 36 inch lengthsMerit badges are worn on the front of the sashThe Varsity Letter with earned pins and bars may be worn on the bottom front corner of the sashAdditional merit badges and temporary insignia may be worn on the back of the sashThe sash is worn over the right shoulder and is never worn folded through the beltThe merit badge sash and the Order of the Arrow sash may not be worn at the same timeOnly one merit badge sash may be wornThe merit badge sash may be affixed to the shoulder loop with a the merit badge sash pin available from the Scout ShopThe Insignia Guide has no rules on how merit badges are placed. The sash is wide enough to attach merit badges three across.

A sash drapes over the right shoulder. A sash will come together at the left side of the waist. A sash is usually around six inches wide. A sash can be any color and have any design.

Sash is a common noun.

Obi for women...broad sash Obi for Men...narrow sash

an obi sash, used to tie Kimonos

The Obi is what the geisha sash is called.

A kimono sash is called an obi.

Michael Sash is 6' 1".

a sash is either something you can wear around your waist or shoulder, or it can be sort of a window pane. that is a couple definitions for a sash.

The noun sash is the singular form. The plural noun is 'sashes'

Older sash windows stay up through the use of a rope (called a sash cord) and a counterbalanced lead weight, designed to match the weight of the sash. The sash cord is attached to the side of the sash, runs up the frame and over the top of a small pulley wheel, and then down the other side (hidden behind the frame) to a lead weight. When the sash is raised the weight is lowered, and vice versa. In modern sash windows and some new timber sash windows, the sash cord and weight system is replaced with spring loaded balances, which are tensioned to make sure that they hold the sash in place rather than pulling it up or letting it drop.

The upright of a sash window is called a stile. There is a diagram showing this and the other names of parts of a sash window at `Windows - Window Sash'

This will vary from school to school. The Red Sash is often immediately before the Black Sash (advanced or instructor level) or after the black sash to denote a Master Rank.

Since a belt system was not originally used in Kung Fu but rather adopted from various Japanese systems the colours are more less the same as most Japanese styles. In order of lowest rank to highest rank they usually look something like this: white belt / no sash - Beginner yellow belt or sash gold belt or sash purple belt or sash orange belt or sash green belt or sash blue belt or sash brown belt or sash red belt or sash black belt or sash - Advanced Often the purple belt is up closer to black and in some cases the red is after black rather than before like so: Black Sash - advanced Red Sash - Master White Sash - Grand Master This will vary from school to school In wushu's case, usually the colour is worn because it matches the uniform.

The sash a Geisha wears around her middle is called an Obi.

The middle 'sash' that wraps around the kimono is called an obi.

From the French word châssis "frame"

Tyler Sash was born on 1988-05-27.

Sash Becvinovski was born on 1972-04-15.

Leonardo: blue sash & Katanas Donatello: purple sash & bo staff Michelangelo: orange sash & nunchakus Raphael: red sash & sais

For Girl Scouts of the USA, the Girl Scout Brownie badges go on the front of the sash, near the bottom. If you run out of room on the front of the sash, the badges may go on the back of the sash. For GirlGuiding (UK) there is no specific position for the Brownie Interest badges on the sash. However, Brownies and their leaders may decide where to place the badges on the sash.

Obi (a sash worn around the waist of a kimono) and overalls are clothing items. They begin with the letter O.

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