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Very Simple actually,

Take the flight to mars.You will have to go to NASA to get one.The ticket is about $7000.When you get there.women is very hard to find as they live in the deeper sides of you'll have to ask for directions.And finally once you do there will be a sign called "Please widen your question"From there you can meet women.

Stare at their eyes and say Its incredible.From there move on.

Make sure to go back to earth

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Is WVU a good place to meet women?

It's a college. All colleges are great places to meet women.

Where can Russian women meet each other?

Russian women typically meet each other in similar fashions as American women. They meet is places such as coffee shops, restaurants and other drinking establishments.

Where to meet single women?

the library

Where can you meet women to Skype with?

On skype.

Where can I meet beautiful women online?

There are many site where you can meet women online., eHarmony, Jdate, wedatefree, and fishinthesea. Be careful meeting people online and meet in a public place.

Why are there not so many nice women anymore to meet?

There are plenty of nice women out there.

How can I meet single women?

go on

What are the best cities to meet women?


How do you meet women who are interested in sex?

drunk :)

Why did Jesus meet the women of Jerusalem?

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem merely to console them

How do you meet women from Mumbai?

Go to VooDoo bar

Where is the best chat room to meet women?


What singers did Forrest hump meet?

Sexy women

Need a good women?

Get out more and meet some

Where to meet women?

You can meet women virtually anywhere. Think of the types of women you want to meet first. I've had tremendous success both on and offline. It's how you approach and manage the interaction that counts! You are welcome to check out the latest cutting edge dating tips for guys at my blog:

Where can you meet short women?

As far as I know, women who are considered "short" can be found almost anywhere in the world.

How do American men meet UK women?

Travel to the UK.

Is Applebee's the best place to meet hot women?


How did Batman meet bat women?

He saved her from Poison Ivy.

Why did working women meet with such resentment during the Depression?


How do I meet women?

Join dating sites and go out with freinds

How did the women in Abba meet the men and create Abba?

It all began in June 1966 when Bjorn and Benny meet

How do Ghanaian women meet American men?

American men meet these women when the military stations them in Ghana. Then most of the time they will get married in Ghana, then fly to the United States when the soldiers return home.

Where are some great places to meet women?

I can tell you that woohoowomen dot com is the best place to meet women online. If in person then I suggest at the most casual places like the store or park.

How do you meet nice women?

There are numerous ways you can meet nice women. One tip is to be in an environment where nice women would be. For example, the library would have different types of women compared to at a bar. Although, there are nice women everywhere. Women will be nice to you if you are nice to them. The old rule comes into play, treat others how you want to be treated. So, the key to meeting nice women is to be genuinely nice yourself and it will attract them to you.