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xcopy /I

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Q: How can you move a directory from one drive to another drive through DOS?
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what is the command to move a file from one directory to another in Linux?

#mv<space>sourcefile<space>target directory

What is the command that will immediately move you to the root or top directory in the hierarchy in Linux?

"cd /" will move the user to the root directory, assuming the user has permission to move to this directory, and the user has not been chroot'ed to a specific directory (which will cause "cd /" to move the user to that named directory, instead of the system's root).

What tool is used to move objects from one domain to another?

Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)

How do you move files to a directory in Linux?

mv file /path/to/directory

Which command line utility can be used to move an active directory object from one container to another?

c). Dsmove

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DOS command to create and move to the newly created directory?

You can use "xcopy" command. mkdir - to create a directory. move - to move one or more files in a new location.

How do locks help ships move through one level of a canal to another?

Locks help ships move from one level to another

How do you move to your home directory using a relative path name?

Using the 'cd' command can move you in a relative fashion up or down in the current tree. Using 'cd ..' moves you up a level from your home directory. If specified as 'cd ../bin' the command moves from your home directory to your local bin directory, etc.

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How do you rename a directory in ms dos?

To rename a directory in DOS you have to use move command.. C:\> move <name1> <name2>

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Why does Maplestory install to disk C can I install it to another hard disk?

It installs to C:\ because that is the drive you told it to install to. If you want to install it to another drive, simply choose a different drive letter during installation. Note that if you choose an external drive, the game will likely not work on another computer if you move the disk.

How do you move space from one hard drive to the other I have a C drive with 14 Gb space and a DATA D drive with 23 Gb of space The C is 90 percent used while the data drive is only 25 percent used?

get a new pc, or at least a new hard drive! you can "move" space from one drive to another, but you can move files from one drive to the other. you could easily double your storage space for under $40

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What is another method you can use instead of email if you had to move a file between computers?

Use a flash drive.

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Durango will not move from park to drive?

Does the Active Directory Migration Tool copy users or move them?

It copies them.

Can a computer virus move from one hard drive to another?

If the same operating system is on the other hard drive, then it's possible, providing its plugged in and active.

Aside from using a memory card how can you transfer or move game data from one Xbox 360 to another?

You can just move the hard drive over as well.

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