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How can you obtain a divorce if you've been legally separated for 8 years?

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You can obtain a divorce the same way you would if you were separated 8 days ago. Just call your lawyer and file for divorce. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem unless your spouse contests.

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If you have been separated for 6 years is this legally divorced in KY?

No. Only a divorce is a divorce.

If you are legally separated for more than five years in California can you get married?

No, you need to get a divorce. Separation is NOT a divorce and the time you are separated has NOTHING to do with it.

You have been separated for 5 years are you legally divorced in pa?

Yes the law allows you to divorce your spouse legally if you are separated from your spouse for a period of five years.

You have been legally separated for 9 years but your ex does not want to give you a divorce?

If you have been legally separated for nine years but your spouse does not want to give you a divorce, it is importance to see the divorce attorneys. The divorce attorney will be able to provide the much needed legal health.

If you are married but have been separated for 7 years is your marriage still valid?

Yes. If you are legally married then you need to obtain a legal divorce to terminate that marriage. No amount of years of separation will dissolve the marriage.

If you married an illegal immigrant and have been separated for 18 years are you considered legally divorced.?

You are still legally married. In fact, you are just separated. However, considering the length of the separation, if you wish to obtain a divorce, a judge will certainly grant it based on the duration of the separation. Good luck!

Is a person by law considered divorce if separated for 35 years?

No. The couple is legally married until they have been granted a divorce. That means they are legally entitled to each other's estate in the case of death.

If you are separated from your wife for more then 6 years are we already divorced?

no, you must obtain a legal divorce through the courts.

If you been separated 8 years are you still legally married?

Even if you have been living separate lives for eight years, you are not legally divorced. You are still legally married until you get a divorce and can not remarry until so.

Is a legal divorce document required after 20 years of separation?

if a man has been separated from his wife for15 or more years and wants to remarry will he be labled as a biggamy? he says he is divorce for over 15 years now she say they are not legally divorce what do i do?

You were married 23 years ago in Ireland and have been legally separated from your wife since 1996 can you get a divorce in the US which will be recognized in Ireland?

yes, you can get divorce in the US and it will be reconized in Ireland

If your husband dies will you inherit even though you have been separated not legally for nine years?

If you are separated but never took the steps to divorce, you in general would inherit all property.

Can a couple be legally divorced if they have been separated for 9 years?

No. Divorce is a court process so if you have not gone through the motions of filing papers, etc then you are separated, not divorced. Spouses who are legally separated are not free to marry since neither has been returned to the legal status of an unmarried person. The duration of time will have a bearing on community assets when you seek a divorce (i.e. the money and assets you have collected during the 9 years may not be considered separate) but you should file for divorce if that is what you are wanting.

If you were married in Costa Rica and have been separated for 2 years can you remarry in the United States?

Separation does not constitute the legal dissolution of a marriage. The interested party must obtain a divorce based on the laws of the country in which he or she married before he or she can legally remarry in the US.

Can you get married to a woman if you are still legally married to another woman but separated for 5 years?

No. You must divorce your first wife before you can remarry legally. If you marry again without a divorce, your marriage is invalid and your first wife will be entitled to inherit your property when you die.

How many years do you have to be separated in pa to divorce without partner signature?

my friend has been separated for nearly 3 years can he put his divorce in nw and how long does it tke for a divorce to come though

What happen if you and your wife have been separated for years and you legally had to change your name are you still considered married?

until you get divorce from the court you both are still said to be in marriage.

If you're separated from your spouse for 14 years are you legally separated?

No. A legal separation must be obtained through a court process and legal separations are not available in some jurisdictions. In the United States a legal marriage must be ended by a legal divorce.You are still legally married until you obtain a divorce in the United States. Your spouse will be able to make decisions for you if you are medically incapacitated, will have the right to plan your funeral, and if you die your spouse will inherit your property and be the first person considered to be appointed the administrator of your estate.

After being separated 7 years do you still have to file for divorce?

In some countries, such as the Philipines, if you are separated for 7 years the marriage is annulled. However, in the U.S.A., you must file for divorce.

How long do you have to be separated in Virginia before you can divorce?

4 years

Are you legally divorced after more than 7 years of separation in state of Illinois?

No. A marriage must be dissolved by a court decree. Until you obtain a divorce, you remain legally married and each is the legal heir of the other spouse.

Do you have to file for a divorce if you have been separated from your spouse for 8 years?


Is it legally a divorce after 18 years of separation in NC?

You can only be legally divorced if you get a legal divorce. It doesn't matter how long you have been separated. Separation only means you are no longer living together. Separation is not divorce. You are still married. What's keeping you from getting a legal divorce? I think you already know you are still legally married. Who is it you are trying to fool...or is it that still being married keeps you from being able to make the kind of commitment that the person you are now with probably wants. Nice safety net for you.. but not very mature. Get a divorce and get on with it.

How long have you to be legally separated before you can apply for a divorce without it being contested?

It is not as simple as that. Legal separation and divorce are two very different concepts and you could be separated for years and the other spouse would still be able to contest the divorce. It is a right that they have in the divorce proceeding ad the legal status leading up to the divorce will hold no bearing on their ability to do so. It should be noted, however that if you want a divorce, you will get a divorce whether it is contested or uncontested. Courts simply will not keep you in a legal relationship you no longer wish to be a part of.

After more than 7 years of separation is the marriage automatically null and void?

Absolutely not. You must obtain a legal divorce. Until you do you are legally married and will inherit each other's property.