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You can earn your high school diploma online by visiting the ICS website. From there you can enroll and you will be on your way to earning your high school diploma from home.

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Contact the school or the Board of education.

you need all of your credits

The school you graduated from should have your transcripts proving you graduated from high school and be able to help you obtain a new diploma.

No, you can't find a banking job without a high school diploma. You must obtain a high school diploma and a undergraduate degree to even be considered.

You can find information on how to get a high school diploma online in Canada from the Ontario Home School Organization website. From this website, you can find a list of available online schools in Canada.

If you don't have a diploma and are the minimum age for barber school, why not obtain a GED? Then, you won't have to have the issue ever again. It is fairly easy and inexpensive to obtain and you can get it over a month or sooner.

I graduated from Julia Richman High School in 1976, how can I obtain a copy of my diploma?

I would look online. You can do it through an online school program.

visit them at: about them: You can earn your adult high school diploma by equivalency examination or by traditional correspondence study for students ages 16-adult. This is not a GED, but a real high school diploma.

There don't seem to be any legitimate free schools to obtain a high school diploma. I believe that you will be paying for one somewhere down the line.

Check your local school district or you can use any of several online school to obtain your ged.

Contact the school and request a copy. You may have to pay for it.

It's not too late for those that did not complete their high school diploma. For many reasons, teenagers are forced to drop out of school and cannot afford to complete it later on. With the increase of internet usage it's easy to complete your high school diploma online, with no cost! To ensure that you receive a genuine diploma, be sure to register with an accredited school.

No, Julliard obliges their student to stay 4 years at the school to obtain their diploma.

You need the skills to bartend. However, it is always wise to obtain a high school diploma or GED so that if you do desire a job that requires one, it is in place.

Some education system allow an ex student to obtain a copy of their diploma either free or at a nominal cost. Contact either the school that you attended, the school board, or the education department covering the school.

I have obtain my High School Diploma in Caomo Puerto Rico where I was born and raised since the age of 19 before coming to this country.

Online GED Program which gives every one of you an opportunity to earn your High ... Most jobs today require at least a high school diploma. you can now obtain your ... WHY SHOULD I GET MY ONLINE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA NOW? ... GED or have been wondering to get accredited diploma, with a short course and if ...

You can easily replace your high school diploma by simpply going back to your high school or old school district. Secondly put in a request and show proper Id and forms.

you have to to go medical school and obtain a MD degree before you could practice dermatology, which is a speciality

you must obtain at lest d to c average . you just need to get your diploma

You will either need a diploma or GED to obtain admittance into a nursing program, whether it is at a community college or university. In some ways, successfully completing math and the sciences in high school will help you prepare for nursing school.

woodfield is a nationally accredited online school. so yes u can excepted Canada

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