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Depending on where you live, you may have some community service programs to help. In Jacksonville, Fl, the city has a program called Get Checking. It is for people in your situation. You have to complete so many hours of training in Personal Finance and checking account maintenance. You will then receive a certificate to take to specified banks or credit unions to open a checking account. Your progress with them is monitored. Also, Compass Bank has a Second Chance checking account program...It's basic checking, but it's a good start..

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Q: How can you open a checking account if you have been reported to Chex Systems and cannot repay the old debts?
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A passbook account is a type of checking account?

Maybe. A passbook is just a booklet that contains all details of banking transactions done on the bank account to which it is linked. It can be linked to a savings account, a recurring deposit account or even a checking account. So, by just knowing that an account has a passbook, we cannot conclude if it is a checking account

Banks cannot charge fees for opening and using a checking account?


Banks cannot charge fees for opening and using a checking account.?


Is it lawful for a company to find out from a bank how much money you have in a checking account?

No. A company cannot have access to certain pieces of your personal information, including your personal checking account...

Can one person remove the other persons name from a joint checking account?

No, they cannot.

How old do you have to be to start a bank account in Georgia?

With a parent or guardian also on the account, a child can have a bank account at any age. They cannot, however, have a checking account.

My dads sister is on his checking account but not on the will which is to be divided between the kids. can she legally take the money for herself even if the will say to divide between the kids?

It depends on how the checking account is held. If the account is a custodial account it will pass according to the will, then she cannot take the money. However, if this is a joint checking account, in the eyes of the bank she is a co-owner and is legally permitted to take the money.

A levy was placed on a joint account due to a debt your daughter is disputing can this affect your other checking account?

No, it will only affect ur joint account. Then cannot touch your other account.

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i cannot split a payment in this way. i must always just pay from one account.

Can your checking account still be charged after you close it?

No. once an account is closed, it ceases to exist. It is no longer a valid account that can be used for transactions. So if someone wants to charge you for anything, they cannot use this bank account. Even the bank cannot charge anything on that account.

Can a bank of America credit card access my Bank of America checking account to pay a late payment?

No. It cannot be done by the bank. They can add the late payment fee & other charges to your credit card account but cannot automatically deduct amounts from your checking account - unless, you have given them standing instructions to debit monthly card payments automatically from your account.

Can your employer access your checking account?

No. He cannot access your checking account to view the balance or to withdraw money. However, he will be able to access your account to credit your monthly paycheck or salary through direct deposit. Even during direct deposit, he wouldn't be directly accessing your checking account. Instead, his bank would be doing that by means of direct deposit instructions to your bank.

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