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Depending on where you live, you may have some community service programs to help. In Jacksonville, Fl, the city has a program called Get Checking. It is for people in your situation. You have to complete so many hours of training in Personal Finance and checking account maintenance. You will then receive a certificate to take to specified banks or credit unions to open a checking account. Your progress with them is monitored. Also, Compass Bank has a Second Chance checking account program...It's basic checking, but it's a good start..

2006-09-07 03:07:52
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A passbook account is a type of checking account?

Maybe. A passbook is just a booklet that contains all details of banking transactions done on the bank account to which it is linked. It can be linked to a savings account, a recurring deposit account or even a checking account. So, by just knowing that an account has a passbook, we cannot conclude if it is a checking account

Is it lawful for a company to find out from a bank how much money you have in a checking account?

No. A company cannot have access to certain pieces of your personal information, including your personal checking account...

Banks cannot charge fees for opening and using a checking account?


How old do you have to be to start a bank account in Georgia?

With a parent or guardian also on the account, a child can have a bank account at any age. They cannot, however, have a checking account.

Can one person remove the other persons name from a joint checking account?

No, they cannot.

A levy was placed on a joint account due to a debt your daughter is disputing can this affect your other checking account?

No, it will only affect ur joint account. Then cannot touch your other account.

My dads sister is on his checking account but not on the will which is to be divided between the kids. can she legally take the money for herself even if the will say to divide between the kids?

It depends on how the checking account is held. If the account is a custodial account it will pass according to the will, then she cannot take the money. However, if this is a joint checking account, in the eyes of the bank she is a co-owner and is legally permitted to take the money.

Can a bank of America credit card access my Bank of America checking account to pay a late payment?

No. It cannot be done by the bank. They can add the late payment fee & other charges to your credit card account but cannot automatically deduct amounts from your checking account - unless, you have given them standing instructions to debit monthly card payments automatically from your account.

Can your checking account still be charged after you close it?

No. once an account is closed, it ceases to exist. It is no longer a valid account that can be used for transactions. So if someone wants to charge you for anything, they cannot use this bank account. Even the bank cannot charge anything on that account.

In an epay function how can you split a payment between your savings account and your checking account?

i cannot split a payment in this way. i must always just pay from one account.

Can a minor open a checking account in Tennessee?

{| |- | No, they cannot. Until the minor reaches adulthood which is 18 in Tennessee they cannot sign a contract with a bank. Someone must co-sign for the account and agree to be responsible. |}

How can you have your former husband's name removed from a line of credit that is linked to your personal checking account so he is not responsible for liablilty or credit reference?

A joint account holder cannot be removed from the account, the account will have to be closed.

Can your employer access your checking account?

No. He cannot access your checking account to view the balance or to withdraw money. However, he will be able to access your account to credit your monthly paycheck or salary through direct deposit. Even during direct deposit, he wouldn't be directly accessing your checking account. Instead, his bank would be doing that by means of direct deposit instructions to your bank.

Can a 16 year old get a credit card?

They can get a debit card, it is tied to a checking account or savings account, but they cannot get a credit card until the age of 18.

Can a corporation have an interest bearing checking account?

A corporation that is a for profit corporation cannot have an interest bearing checking account. However, it can have an earnings credit which is similar to an interest rate. With an earnings credit the interest earned on the Checking account is used to offset monthly fees/ charges on the account, if interested earned using the earnings credit is more than the total amount of fees/ charges it is considered a surplus and does not accrue to the checking account balance. A non profit corporation such as a 501.c.3 Can earn interest on Checking accounts due to the not for profit status.

What is savings bank account?

A savings bank account is an account that is designed to store savings. You cannot draw money out of it using a debit card or checks, but it pays a higher interest rate than a checking account.

Can you deposit a business check to your personal account?

No, you cannot deposit a business check into a personal checking account. You can only deposit a check into an account that shares the same name, i.e. A check is made out to ABC company--it can only be deposited into an account that is titled ABC company. It cannot be deposited into a personal account--even if that is the personal account of the owner.

How do you delite account?

In most general ledger systems, if any account has had any activity in it whatsoever, it cannot be deleted. At most, it can be made "inactive".

If you included your Bank of America checking account in a 2003 discharged chapter 7 is it legal for them to place a black ball on you so you cannot open a new checking account?

It's legal for the person to be placed in the Chex System for the required five years.

What does savings account mean?

Generally a savings account pays interest, and a checking (current) account doesn't. Also, a savings account cannot be overdrawn, but with permission, it is possible to overdraw a checking (current) account. The previous person is correct, a savings account simply lets you save your money and make a little bit at the same time. With a savings account it is a little harder to spend it since they are not typically tied to a checkbook.

Can husband use wife's checking account without her permission?

No. Only the owner/holder of the checking account can use the account. Even the spouse of the account holder cannot use it. In case the spouse wishes to use it, they should either be a joint holder of the account or should have a legal power of attorney to do so. Even in cases where the wife is dead, her husband as the legal heir to her property can use the account.

How do you abbreviate reported?

Reported is past tense, and it cannot be abbbreviated.

In the epay function how can you make a payment in june from your checking account but use your savings account for my july payment?

Unless it says otherwise* in your terms and conditions, you cannot make a payment from a savings account- there is a law concerning both number and nature of withdrawals. The best thing to do is to transfer money from your savings into checking, then schedule the payment from your checking account... * usually if it does say otherwise, then it's not a savings account. If it is, you have the one bank that is able to skip that part of the law controlling personal bank accounts.

Can joint checking accounts be garnished for credit card debt in Maryland?

under Maryland Law they cannot garnish funds from a Jointly held account unless the judgement was again both owners. They also cannot garnish retirement or escrow account

BF won a judgment against you for a collection The collection company has garnished your checking account you cannot pay bills or anything your account is frozen This is causing you a financial hard?

Sounds like Karma to me.....