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We can take the style from movie as they take a thin part of material put in the car door from outside and try to move it hock.

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Car alarm battery dead how to open car door?

with the key... or a slim Jim Key is not working at the door

Why does your car alarm sound when you open the door with the key?

Because the car alarm needs to be disarmed before you open the door. It's not connected to your door locks.

What to do when key or key fobs won't open the car doors?

i have a 528i and the doors wont open with the keys how can i get the door open

How can you open a key less car door?

if the car is locked no if its unlocked yes

How do you find out if your car key has a chip?

When it doesn't open your door.

How do you open the car door in wimpy boardwalk?

you have to find the key

Where is the number for the key on the car for your 280zx lost key?

It would be either on the inside of the door or in the manual.

How do you unlock the passenger door when it has locked when trying to open the car?

You use your key to unlock the door. Then it will be open. If not, a locksmith can help.

How do i get the hatch to open if the key and remote do not unlock the door?

Unlock it from inside the car with the door lock.

How can a person get a locked car door open if the key is locked inside?

If the spare key to the car is not readily available, call a car rescue company such as the AA, RAC or Green flag who should be able to assist you in getting your car door open.

My car doors won't open from inside or outside how do i get into my car the car is a vauxhall corsa?

pick ur nose! Or open the drivers door manually with the key. If it will not open maybe your door lock mechinism is broken

How do you open locked door of car with electronic locks with dead battery?

With your key in the door lock cylinder.

How do you open a locked car door of a 2001 cavalier?

The key would be favorite.

What is part of a door you can open with a key?

You can open a key lock on a door knob, or you can open a deadbolt lock on the door itself.

Car fuse blowing out after open door?

i have a 1998 nissian altima the original key wont open the door what do i do could this be a fuse issue

Does the Saturn valet key only open doors?

The Saturn valet key will open the drivers door and start the car. It will not open the glove box or the trunk.

What does it cost to get a new key open for a 2008 dodge charger?

Any key maker can make a key from the ignition key that will open the door but will not start the car. under $5.00

How do you open a locked car door on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE?

Using a key

How do you open your Ford Mondeo bonnet as car battery flat?

Open the door with your key and pull the bonnet release.

How do you get gas door open when lock switch or key to car will not unlock gas door?

You'll need a professional locksmith to open the lock without damaging the lock and door .

How do you get the trunk open on a 1986 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

With the key, there is no trunk release inside the car. You use the same key you would use to open the door to open the trunk.

How do you reset your 1997 Chrysler lhs alarm?

Unlock the car with the remote or the key in the door.Unlock the car with the remote or the key in the door.

How do you disarm the alarm on a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron?

Unlock the car with the remote or with the key in the door.Unlock the car with the remote or with the key in the door.

Does the 2000 Saturn LS1 valet key start the car?

The 2000 Saturn LS1 valet key will start the car. It is made to open the driver's side door and start the car.

When I open my car door lock with key should all the doors also unlock too?

Typically, when you turn the key once in the driver's door, it unlocks the driver's door. If you turn the key twice, it unlocks all the doors.

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