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Piercing your lip generaly should not hurt, I have had mine done 3 times, and none by a professional, just use a propper needle and clean the area before and after piercing, it will crust up, and you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting an infection, but if you clean it at least twice a day, you should be fine. So enjoy your piercing :)

*If it's your first, other than ear, piercing, then you may wish to get a professional, in which case, ask to see their health certificts!!! and more importantly, make sure you see them taking the needle out of the previously un-opened needle, if it has been opened previously, LEAVE! *




First of all, piercings hurt. You are getting a needle jabbed through your skin, its going to hurt.

When I got my lip, it didn't really hurt until the jewelry was going in. When the needle goes through its like a sharp pain, then my face got hot.

My face gets hot when I get any piercing, ears, brows, and lip. I don't know if its just me or if its normal.

Some places I know will numb a tongue for the piercing, I'm not sure about other. There are places on the internet you can buy numbing cream, though.


To be honest, my lip didn't hurt at all when I had it done, because it's only 16 gauge, which is pretty small. I barely felt the needle go through and it definitely wouldn't be worth numbing. So even if you want a thicker gauge than that but don't want the pain, get a thin one done and then stretch it.

If you want the piercing that much, pain shouldn't be a problem anyway, but I swear down it didn't hurt as the needle was so fine, and it did not feel like a needle goin through my lip at all! Bit sore now (3 days after) but not as sore as my earlobes were.


I numbed mine, but it got infected and i had to let it grow up.So, go get it done .

Another Answer!

when i got mine done, not so long back, my piercer put some numbing agent on the inside of my lip where i was getting it done, and on the outside.

The outside bit hurt a little bit cos the numbing stuff dribbled, lol, obviously, but even so it only felt like a little pin prick.


i've done this 5 times. it does not hurt. you always have to start on the inside. numb it with origel or ice. and even if you don't numb it, it still won't hurt really.

it only hurts to start on the outside. it also hurts when you have pierced through each layer and you're about to reach the outer layer. but ALWAYS clean the needle with peroxide or alcohol before you start.

wipe your lip with peroxide or alcohol also before starting. you can use a safety pin or a sewing needle if you want to. do it slowly and don't just shove it in. that would make it hurt. make sure you are doing it in the right spot or you could strike a blood vessel. it might squirt out puss and if you do it in the wrong spot, it will bleed.

if you do it in the right spot, it will ooze puss. a harder part is getting it out. it might swell up for two minutes if it is not infected. it will look like a bee sting but go down really really quick. maybe in three minutes. but to give you a heads up, the needle has to be wider at the top than it is at the point. that will make the whole wide enough for a ring. the hole will close in a few seconds if you don't hurry to put a ring in.

DO NOT CLEAN WITH ALCOHOL. Yeash. It's the worst thing to do. If you're going to do it, do it right. Get a sterilized needle. Don't use a sewing needle, or a safety pin. Trust me. I have my lip pierced four times, and I did it with a safety pin. Dumbest thing I've ever done.

The reasons you should not attempt to pierce your self should be obvious, but for those who think it's a "DIY" project, here's some food for thought.

Infection and contraction of MRSA, HIV, Meningitis, Hepatitis and Tetanus are all very serious health issues, MRSA is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that can in most cases land the unlucky individual in the hospital (and has been responsible for serious deformities and deaths). These infections has been caused by using unsterilized equipment and materials. Sterilization is not achieved by pouring alcohol over needles and jewellery, or burning these items over a fire or exposed flame. Microorganisms live in the fine fissures and cracks in needles and jewellery and only the high temperature and pressure of a steam Autoclave can render these and many other bacteria harmless.

The above reasons alone should be enough to sway anyone from thinking they can do it themselves. Professional body piercers have years of hands on training and education to enable them to make any piercing "look simple", when in fact they are considering dozens of things when they lay out a piercing and actually do it. So consider your lack of knowledge, training and skills before you attempt to do any self piercing, once you pierce it, it's damaged tissue. This makes it even more difficult for a professional piercer to leave you with a great looking piercing when the area we have to work with is damaged by self inflicted attempts.

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Q: How can you pierce your lip without it hurting Can you numb it?
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How can you pierce your lip without it hurting or numbing it?

You can't. If you stick a big needle through your lip, it's gonna hurt.

Do they numb your lip before you get your lip pierced?

Nope. They just pierce it. Anything they could use to numb your lip would cause it to swell up, making it hard to pierce you accurately. Besides, it doesn't hurt very much.

How can a 13 year old pierce her lip without hurting?

it doesn't really matter how old they are if the piercing hurts or not. it matters on the pain tolerance the person has.

How do you numb your lip without ice?

Use orajel or orabase

Do they numb your lip when they pierce it?

At a professional piercing parlor, they usually don't. You can actually easily numb the area yourself by holding ice to it for 10-20 minutes before (maybe even less). There are creams you can get from your doctor, but they might not be good for the lip.

What can happen if you pierce the muscle in your lip?

All lip piercings pierce a muscle.

How to numb lip before piercing it?

Its alot easier not to numb it.

What do you do when your lip is numb?


What does it means when you have your lip pierce?

To get a ring in your lip.

Can you pierce your lip with a retainer?


Will Claire's pierce you lip?


Can you pierce your lip in your sleep?


How do you pierce your lip with a seamless lip ring?

You don't pierce your lip with the ring, you need a specific sized needle, and then you slide the ring in. I'd recommend going to a professional unless you wish to have an infection or pierce it in-correctly.

How To Numb your lip?

pinch it really tight.or just put some ice on it for an hour or two. < If you want to pierce it, it's best to not numb it with ice as it tightens the skin and makes it much harder to push the needle through. Pinching it SHOULD work though.

Is it bad to get a lip piercing when your lip is numb?

No they don't numb the needle. It doesn't even hurt it just burns a bit. Remember no smoking or drinking till it heals.

Piercing your lip by yourself is it safe to use ice?

If you pierce your lip then your stupid in less your job is pierce lips any way no it is not safe to use ice if your piercing your lip because your lip might freeze.

Does Willow Smith have a lip pierce?

No. She just has jewels glued on her lip for the video

You pierced your lip now part of it feels numb anyone no why?

you killed some nerves in your lip,pretty basic,pinch your ear if you have had ear piercings?Does it feel numb,that is what i am talking about,

Where is a good place to pierce your lip at?

WellI hope you meant pierce, but there are multiple places you can pierce. There is the Monroe, which is a little higher than the upper lip. Snake bites (which I personallyy don't like) which is the bottom lip in the crevases which makes it look like 'snake bites'. Also just a lip piercing, which is one crevase on the bottom lip.

How do you pierce your own lip without it swelling or getting infected?

you don't. go see a professional. and it will still swell some.

What does it mean when your top lip goes numb?

you bite on it to hard

Can you pierce the bottom lip?

yes yes

Can you re-pierce your lip?


Where on the upper lip shall you pierce?

get a monroe

Why is my bottom lip numb at times?

Your bottom lip might be numb at times because you have nerve damage. This might be the result of an accident like getting hit in the face with a baseball for example.