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You can't unless that gameboy game is a downloadable game on PlayStation Store. Maybe your thinking about the Nintendo DS? That can play Nintendo DS games and Gameboy games.


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No. 1. The Game Boy is made by Nintendo, the PSP by Sony. 2. The PSP uses small compact discs. The Game Boy line uses cartridges.

You have to have a modded PSP and then you can convert the PS1 UFC game to play on the PSP. I have it on mine, the game kinda sucks though.

With Compact Flash cards, you can play movies, audio files, e-books, and game emulation ROMs on a PSP.

play the ps3 games in psp they will converted to psp games

Yes. In Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl for the PSP the game will end if you get married as the girl character. So if you marry Cliff or any other guy the game will end. However, it will not end if you play as the boy character.

the game has to be game share compatible. you basically got to gameshare on your psp and then your friend loads the game up n his psp.

No a PSP emulator will not play a PS2 game because they are different and more complex that a PSP or PS1 game

No a PSP game can be played in a PSP

No the disks are different sizes. The software is also different and the PS2 can not play a PSP game

put the game in and go to game it it says umd or ump click then you play

No a game is designed to play on the PS3 or the PSP they are not able to switch just because of where they are downloaded. A game must be designed to play on a system. What you can do is set up your PS3 so you can store the downloaded PSP game in your PS3 and still play it in your PSP

no, you cant play PSP games on the ps3

There is no such thing as a 'PSP 3000 game'. PSP UMD's will work on PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000.

If its a psp game, it will run on any psp system (providing its not faulty). If its not a psp game, it wont work on the psp.

Yes but if there is a game for Japaneses and English you can save Japaneses games with Englishes data,all PSP can play PSP game Englishes or Japanese.PSP games are region free, any PSP game will work on any PSP.

No, playstation and nintendo games are not cross compatable.

sory, there no rugby game for psp,but rugby rock i play it everyday in school.

Yes you can buy the game on a UMD and play it

You have to have at least one game that has the Game Shaing feature

no because you need a psp and a emulatur to do that

no you can play it on the PSP like the game you purchased said it would work on.

They will only go in and play one way. The game label will be facing out.

Yes, there are lots that arent on the PSP.

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