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How can you preseve a liquid drink?

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freeze it, refrigerator it, evaporate it then when wanted to drink add water, put in a sealed container

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What are the solvent and solutes in a beverage you drink?

The liquid, such as water, and the flavor that goes into that liquid and dissolves it, such as a powdered drink mix.

Do spider's drink?

Spiders get their liquid from the prey that they eat. They do not drink water.

What drink do Austrians drink the most?

ones that are liquid :P camo

What do cabin boys eat and drink?

They drink liquid and they eat food

How do flowers drink liquid?

Flowers drink their liquid by sucking it through their stens, they use their stens because it's like a straw.

What can you drink to keep you from going to the bathroom all the time?

You cant drink a liquid and not go to the bathroom. If you drink a liquid the liquid passes through your body and naturally when the liquid gets all the way through you pee. or if u sit on your leg it helps take the feeling away.

How do fleas suck blood?

they bite the buttocks & drink the blood then they pee it out since bloods a liquid! they bite the buttocks & drink the blood then they pee it out since bloods a liquid! they bite the buttocks & drink the blood then they pee it out since bloods a liquid!

Why should over proverbs be preserved?

why sheld over proverb be preseve

How do you put preseve in a sentence?

It is important to preserve our culture so that we have it for the future.

If you drink sperm can you get pregnant?

no because if you drink it,it goes to your stomach and it will be liquid waste

What is the meaning of water?

Its liquid that we drink to survive

Can you drink liquid Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is not a beverage !

Can you drink snow?

You cannot drink snow, because it is a solid. However, if you melt snow into liquid water, you can drink it.

What do June bugs drink?

Bugs drown in liquid so they don't drink anything.

Is soft drink a liquid?

yes it liquid acid iheartpie222:yeah it is. ak154: yeah

Is Gatorade a liquid or gas or solid?

I believe that GatoradeTM is a sports drink, and therefore a liquid.

Why does Okocim beer make you pee?

Because it is a liquid and, if you drink it, liquid will make you pee.

What is the scientific definition of a liquid?

A liquid is something that you drink. or put in your car. or something like that.

Can you drink liquid oxygen?

No; it is an extreme danger, the temperature of liquid oxygen is -218,79 oC.

How do you make the alcoholic drink called a liquid marijuana?

I do not know about liquid marijuana - but there is a drink called liquid cocaine that contains goldschlager, jagermeister, rumpleminze, and bacardi 151. Very effective and should not be taken lightly.

Can snails drink diet mountain dew?

No. They cannot drink any form of carbonated liquid.

What is the plural form of drink?

DRINK (noun) : a liquid consumed orally - plural "drinks".

What happens if iron as a liquid is mixed with coke to drink?

I don't know but i suggest you don't drink it :)

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