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Liens are only used against real property. It might be possible to levy the person's bank account. MSJ are issued by judges and are often easily overturned.

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Do you have to report a judgment against you to the IRS?

Can someone collect my income tax return for a judgment against me

Can your federal income tax return be garnished?

If you owe back taxes, or owe the social security, have a judgment aginest you the taxes can be garnished.

When filing for the federal income tax return do you have to attach schedule a for the state income tax return?

No, when filing for the federal income tax return, you do not attach the Schedule A for the state income tax return.

If credit card company has a judgment against you can they intercept income tax return?

No, unless the refund is directly deposited into your bank and the credit card company has a judgment and files a lien on your account. Not legal in many states.

What is a PAYG summary slip?

PAYG stands for "Pas As You GO". It's a summary slip that shows your annual income, lump sum payment, tax witheld etc. It will usually be sent to you from your employer for your tax return lodgement.

How do I as the defendant file a response to a summary judgment notice?

You will have to file an appropriate affidavit stating the facts that are in dispute and perhaps a brief stating the legal reasons why you feel summary judgment should not be granted. A motion for summary judgment is made by a plaintiff because it contends that it is entitled to judgment as a matter of law because, even giving you all benefits of reasonable inferences and resolving all doubts about the evidence against plaintiff from disputed facts, there are no issues of material fact to support your case. In short, if you are being sued for an unpaid debt and you cannot provide facts to show that you do not owe the debt or that for some reason plaintiff is not entitled to collect, then summary judgment will be granted against you. So your obligation is to prepare an affidavit showing the specific facts that show that plaintiff is not entitled to judgment. You may have to prepare a legal brief as well, showing, if you can find any, case law that has similar facts where a summary judgment was denied. The most important thing to show is that there are factual issues that are in dispute and would have to be resolved by a jury. Procedurally, you should check the court rules for how to file the Objection to Entry of Summary Judgment. At the least, look for these things: Does the motion for summary judgment have a specific return date for argument. How many days before the return date of the motion do you have to file your papers in opposition. File as the original and as many copies as the rule require. Send a copy of the papers you file to the attorney making the motion. Go to court on the return day of the motion. Here is a tip: It is possible to challenge part of the summary judgment. For example, assume that you cannot dispute that you owe the debt and that you really have no opposition to summary judgment on the debt itself. But plaintiff will probably seek other things as well, like interest, counsel fees and costs. Challenge the computation of those figures. You might not be able to avoid summary judgment on the debt itself but you might avoid it on the other issues. Sometimes, a plaintiff will drop claims for those other things if it gets a summary judgment on the main debt. So it pays to look at each individual item that makes up the total amount of money plaintiff is seeking. Don't think that because you can't dispute the main debt, that you can't object to the other things.

What are the months covered for income tax return?

Income tax return is due before April 15

Can I deduct monies paid to settle a lawsuit?

Not deductible on your income tax return unless the amount paid was to produce taxable income that was reported on your income tax return. Then a limited amount could be deductible on your income tax return.

Do you enter the amount paid from a federal garnish on your tax return?

No. Your gross income is reported on your federal 1040 income tax return. The federal garnish amount that was paid would not be a deduction from your gross income on your income tax return.

If you're on welfare can you file for taxes?

You can file a income tax return if you WANT to if the only worldwide income that you have is the welfare income amount. IF you do NOT have any other worldwide income to be reported on the 1040 federal income tax return you would NOT be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return.

Can you file taxes for legal and medical bills if on SSI?

If you want to file a tax return YES you can. SSI (supplement security income) would not be taxable income that you would report on your 1040 income tax return. If you do NOT have any taxable worldwide income that you are required to report on your federal 1040 income tax return it would NOT benefit you to file a federal income tax return and you would NOT meet any of the MUST FILE A INCOME TAX RETURN requirement's. If you want to file a tax return YES you can.

Is child support considered income when filing a tax return?

Child support payments would NOT be reported on your income tax return as taxable income.

What is the most your spouse can make without you claiming her on your income taxes?

On your MFJ income tax return you do not have a choice about claiming your spouse. Your spouse would not be claimed as a dependent exemption on your MFJ income tax return. You have one exemption for each spouse on the MFJ income tax return and all gross worldwide income is combined on the married filing joint income tax return.

When do you not have to file Federal Income tax?

No reportable taxable income to be entered on a income tax return would be a good start of not being required to file a federal income tax return.

Is your income tax return qualify as income?

In the U.S., your federal income tax refund does not count as taxable income for the next year. If you receive a refund from your state, and you itemized your deductions on the federal return, then the state refund will count as income on your federal return. (If you didn't itemize, then your state refund won't count as income.)

What tax to file if you move states?

One federal 1040 income tax return and a resident state income tax return an a nonresident or part year resident state income tax return.

Do I have to to file income tax returns for state of Maine if i filed a federal tax return and and have 0 adjusted gross income?

If you are a residentof Maine who is required to file a federal income tax return, you must file a Maine income tax return. If you are not required to file a federal return, but do have income subject to Maine income tax resulting in a Maine income tax liability, a Maine return must be filed. You do not have to file a Maine income tax return if you meet all of the following requirements: 1) your Maine taxable income is $2,000 or less, 2) you claim yourself as an exemption on your return, AND 3) you are not subject to the Maine Minimum Tax. However, you must file a return to claim any refund due to you.

Who should be paid first Maine State Income Tax or Maine Federal Income Taxes?

You have only the Federal income tax return and Maine state income tax return. The due date for the Federal income tax return and amount due is April 15 2010. The Maine state income tax return and any amount that is due is also April 15 2010.

Can you file a tax return with just social security as an income?

Generally, if Social Security benefits were your only income, the benefits are not taxable and you probably do not need to file a federal income tax return. If you have any other sources of worldwide income and (tax exempt interest and exempt dividends) then it is possible that some of your SSB to become taxable income on your income tax return and then you would be required to file an income tax return.

Define earned income taxes and personal income taxes?

An individual taxpayer using the 1040 federal income tax return earned income worked for income and the related income taxes and the personal income taxes would be the same thing on the 1040 income tax return.

What are the similarties between the state income tax and the federal income tax?

The amount of your tax liability is based on your TAXABLE INCOME after your income tax return is completed completely and correctly down to the TAXABLE income line of each income tax return.

What if you forgot to sign a state income tax return?

That is just like the state income tax return was never filed. Contact your state tax department ask if they received your and accepted your unsigned state income tax return. You will to make sure so that you can file your correctly completed and signed state income tax return to make sure that the state receives it and accepts your income tax return as you filed.

If a minor owes less than 500 dollars for income tax do they have to pay?

If a minor has any income tax liability the minor would be required to file a income tax return. When you are a dependent on another individual income tax return and you have 950 or more of unearned income you are required to file a federal income tax return.

File free OK state income tax return?

File free OK state income tax return

If you have vehicle repossession that is less than 3 months old can the lender or in this case collection agency file a judgment against your income tax return?

I found the answer to my own question as I contacted an attorney in my area...For those of you who would want to know the answer is NO. A lender or collection agency is not able to take your yearly income tax return if you have a deficiency from a vehicle repossession. The only thing they can do regarding your taxes is file a 1099 form if they chose to forgive the debt which would mandate that you report the amount as income on your tax return to which you pay taxes against it.They can however file a judgment against you and in some states can garnish your wages but that varies.Hope this helps.

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