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How can you put music from a CD onto your psp?

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2010-09-17 10:53:29

"CD_Songs_Onto_PSP" id="CD_Songs_Onto_PSP">CD Songs Onto


Get a CD And put to the Computer and go to itunes and there you

have your CD on it and go to edit Select All and And go to file and

go to new Folder and type what is Your Cd Is and if it is done

Download on itunes just drag it to your Folder and have Your psp

and USB Plug and Turn on your psp And Click USB Connection And go

to Psp folder and go to your music folder and go to file New folder

and type your Cd in and Go to itunes And Drag it to your Folder On

your psp folder Music and there you have it on your psp Enjoy

i'm not

sure about the new one but you definetly can put music on the

old one

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