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How can you quickly stop all new transactions on your joint accounts?


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Go to the bank and take your name off the account and remove the money. Close the account if they will let you do it without having the other person sign. You also may be able to get a quick order from a judge to freeze the account if you have good reason. * If this is in connection to a lawsuit judgment, once the lawsuit has been filed the account holder(s) cannot close or transfer any existing accounts unless the lawsuit is against only one account holder. In addition no bank accounts or property can be transferred or sold under such circumstances if the defendant is married and lives in a community property state.


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Internet Banking allows you to view transactions, account balances, issue stop payments, transfer funds between accounts, and set up balance and deposit alerts and reminders as well as download transaction information into Microsoft Money, Quicken®, Quickbooks, or a spreadsheet. personal/onlineBankingFAQ.aspx#

cancel your account and transfer money to a different account with a different bank.. and send a letter to the old bank that notifies them to stop all automatic transactions..

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