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Sometimes you can recover by doing a last known good configuration or boot to safe mode and running a system restore. If none of this works then you can try running a repair reinstall of Windows xp if this is done correctly you will not lose your data.

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Q: How can you recover the XP OS after the blue screen appears?
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What is LOOK in OS?

blue screen

What is a blue screen blue?

Your OS is not installed properly .Try to restore your file's and install it.

When an OS is first executed the initial screen that appears together with its menus commands and icons is called the?

desktop desktop

What screen appears after you log on to your computer?

If the computer's OS is windows enabled, the "desktop". Otherwise the command line terminal.

Can not boot in safe mode with a blue screen?

try to remove the RAM and repair the OS then it will be solved

Common cause of blue screen?

hard disk and driver corruption and also installation of OS is not proper.

What is the different between fatal error and blue screen error?

fatal error can cause software to exit/crash. When OS get Fatal Error then you may get the BSOD (the blue screen with the error that caused the OS to crash).

When an OS is first executed the initial screen that appears together with its menus commands and icons is called desktop?

Yeah, that's called a desktop.

When POST runs but then the screen turns blue with no text What is a possible reason for this?

A possible reason for this error is a corrupt Operating System (OS) installation. It may also mean the drive on which the OS is installed is unreadable.

Most probable cause for a blue screen error?

Blue Screen errors occur when: Windows detects an error it cannot recover from. Windows detects that critical OS data has become corrupted. Windows detects that hardware has failed. If we are to talk an average of what causes these errors , here are some facts 5-20% of these errors are actually caused by the OS. 10% are hardware related. 70% are the result of faulty drivers or software incompatibility.

What is ivista?

appears to be a OS that's a mix between mac's OS X and windows vista.

My MacBook will not turn on it goes past the loading screen to a grayish screen then to blue my cursor pops up now and then but will not let me sign in how do i fix this?

Get your OS CD [e.g Windows XP Professional SP2] and reinstall it.

What was the first Palm OS handheld with a color screen?

The first Palm OS handheld that was introduced with a color screen is the Palm IIIc. This Palm OS version was the first to have native color support and support paletted 8-bit colour modes.

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It means off screen.

What colors are motorways on os maps?


What initial screen that is displayed when an OS has a GUI interface loaded?


Is there a version of HyperCam for Mac OS X?

The Hypercam screen capture software is only available for computers running the Windows operating system. Users of Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) can use the Quicktime Player (in the Applications folder) to capture a video of the screen from the New Screen Recording option in the File menu. There are numerous applications for Mac OS X that can be used for screen capture videos (See links below).

Why does your Nokia 5130 freezes on the Nokia screen?

Because nokias OS Symbian sucks and crashes a lot the best OS's are IOS and AOS

Can the Vista Premium 64bit OS open a Windows NT formatted hard drive to recover data?

Yes, it can.

What is screen resolotion in windows os?

it is the number of pixels can be acsomm0dated on screen.. windows supports so many proportion based on your screen. standard is 1078x768.

In my PC having windows 2000 pro that OS have a problem such as dos application does not working. how can i recover that?

reset the computer

What specifications should you look for in a laptop?

What Ram, Hardrive what os it has. screen size webcam

Can you change samsung GT-S3653W OS in to android?

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Different between text based and graphic base OS?

A text based OS is an OS which doesn't have desktop just text. to let the OS do something, you need to type the command. Only certain applications for this OS use another view then text. A text based OS is for example MS DOS or your computers BIOS. A graphic based OS has a desktop and isn't just text on your screen. Windows 3.1 was the first graphic based OS. More recent graphic based OS are: Windows xp/vista/7

When you first purchase a notebook make sure you have a what CD containing the installed os so you can recover from a failed hard drive?

Recovery disk