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Contest the judgment through the three major credit reporting bureaus. They will contact the party and either verify that it was paid off and remove it or if they do not hear back with 20 days they will remove it from your credit report.

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Q: How can you remove a judgment that was paid less than 2 years?
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How can you prevent a judgment from being entered into your credit report or remove it after it has been reported?

You can't do either. The judgment will remain until the expiration date. The judgment even if paid will remain for seven (7) years.

If you have paid a judgment how can you have it removed from your public record?

You can't. The fact that you have a judgment will stay with for years

How long does a satisfied judgment stay on your credit report WA?

A paid judgment stays on a person's credit report for seven years. An unpaid judgment also stays on the report for seven years, but may be renewed. Tax liens are another item that stay on a credit report for seven years, if paid. If not paid, they remain on the credit report indefinitely.

Will a judgment be removed from a credit report if it is paid?

No. It will show that you had a judgment on your credit report for up to seven years, but it will show a zero balance.

How long does a judgment last?

Until it's paid. Judgments are valid from 5-20 years depending upon the type of judgment rendered. Most judgments are renewable and can last indefinitely until voluntarily paid, satisfied or successfully executed by the judgment creditor against the judgment debtor

How do you remove a court judgment on your property after receiving a discharge of bankruptcy?

If the judgment was included in the bankruptcy--many are not--then you take the relevant papers showing that it was paid to the court that issued the judgment. If they consider it paid, then they will issue a receipt to you. Send copies to the credit scoring companies and keep one in your permanent file.

When the credit bureau report updated on a judgment exactly what could they have updated on a judgment that was filed 4 years ago except paid?

If it was not paid in full or settled, the judgment may have been renewed by the judgment holder. Most judgments are renewable and can be kept on a credit report for an undetermined amount of time.

Can a civil judgment be removed from credit report?

AnswerIf it was true and accurate, no. maybeThat is often state dependant, but you should be able to have it removed once the debt is paid. If it is not paid yet, it is considered outstanding debt, and will stay on your credit report. No a valid judgment will remain 7 years or indefinitely if the judgment creditor chooses to renew it.If a judgment is paid or settled the entry will reflect such, but the judgment will still remain on the CR for a minimum of 7 years.YesOnly the court or the credit bureaus can remove judgments on your credit report. You can dispute anything on your credit report to the credit bureaus that you believe to be inaccurate or erroneous.

How long is a judgment good for in Utah?

Generally, until it is paid or satisfied under the terms of the judgment holder. In most cases judgments are granted from 5-20 years and are renewable. A judgment perfected as a lien against real property is permanent until paid.

How do you remove a paid judgment from a credit report?

If the judgment has been paid, the credit bureaus (such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) should reflect this in their credit reports. However, until the legislatively mandated time limits have expired, it will likely not be removed from the report.

How can you quickly remove a judgment from your credit report?

Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will not remove a judgment from the debtor's credit report. The judgment will still remain for the required time if it is discharged in bankruptcy, settled or paid in full. Valid judgments remain for the required 7 years. Most judgments are renewable and can be reentered on the debtor's credit report whenever that action is taken.

How long will a civil judgment remain on public record?

10-20 years depending on state laws and the type of judgment that was awarded.This varies from state to state, so check the laws of the state where the judgment was obtained. In NJ a judgment is valid as a judgment until it is paid or discharged through court process, like in bankruptcy. BUT: The judgment's effectiveness as a lien on the defendant's property is only for 20 years, but the judgment holder can extend it for another 20 years. The reason for the expiration is so that judgments that may have been paid but not discharged of record or just abandoned by the judgment holder do not clutter up the records.

How long does an unpaid judgment stay on a credit report?

Seven years or until the SOL pertaining to the judgment expires. Many states have domestic judgment SOL's that are 10 or 20 years, and many judgments are renewable. The older the judgment becomes, the less affect it has on the credit score. It will may cause other problems, for example, if the consumer wants to buy or refinance a home and in some cases, a vehicle(s), the lender may require the judgment be paid before approving any loan.

Will a lawyer settle on a judgment that is 4 years old and already included in a chapter 7 and released and remove a lien on your property and if so what should you offer?

The judgment and the lien may reflect two different debts. Normally you cannot include a judgment in a bankrupcy or amend the amount to be paid since it is a court ordered payment to be made. You need to pay the court and get a paid receipt for the judgment. The payment of the lien would be reflected in a release of the lien for that property.

Can you refinance your home loan even if its got a judgment?

The judgment must be paid from the proceeds of the refinance. That amount will be deducted from the funds paid over to you.The judgment must be paid from the proceeds of the refinance. That amount will be deducted from the funds paid over to you.The judgment must be paid from the proceeds of the refinance. That amount will be deducted from the funds paid over to you.The judgment must be paid from the proceeds of the refinance. That amount will be deducted from the funds paid over to you.

How do you repair landlord tenant judgment from your credit?

Paying the judgment will help, but you will have to wait 7 years for the judgment to fall off your credit. Once the judgment is paid, it will show other landlords that you will fulfill your obligations, regardless of the stain on your credit.

What if the judgment was paid except the court costs?

If the amount of the court costs was added into the total amount of the judgment, then you have not paid off the judgment. You have only paid off the debt that was the basis for the lawsuit. Until the entire amount is paid, the judgment creditor will not give you the necessary release or warrant of satisfaction you need to eliminate the judgment lien.

When a judgment is removed from the credit report after the 7 years have expired is it still valid and will it have to be paid if the person wants to sell their house 10 years later?

The removal of a judgment from a CR does not mean it is not valid and collectible. Judgments are awarded for a 5-20 years duration and most are renewable. In the majority of cases they will remain valid until they are paid in full or a settlement is made. A judgment that is renewed can be reentered on a CR.

What is an outstanding judgment?

A judgment is a court order giving a creditor or someone who is owed money (such as money that was borrowed from a friend) the legal right to collect the debt in accordance with the laws of the state. The term "outstanding" indicates the judgment has not been paid or settled, but is still valid. A judgment that has been awarded to the judgment plaintiff but has not been paid by the judgment debtor.A judgment that has been awarded to the judgment plaintiff but has not been paid by the judgment debtor.

How long does a judgment stay on your credit report and does the time limit start from the day it is filed or from the day it's paid off?

== == A judgment will remain on a credit report for the full 10 years. If it is paid it will still show on the report as "satisfied" or similar wording. The time is determined by the date the judgment is issued.

If you pay for the judgment is the co buyer also released?

Yes, but it will remain on your credit *as paid* for ten years.

How long will a civil judgment stay on a credit report in Kentucky?

depend on when you paid it and from that date 7 years.

Why should a judgment be paid if it cannot be removed from a credit report before seven years have expired?

Short answer, a valid judgment can be executed against the debtor's non exempt property at any time. A judgment that has been perfected as a lien against real property is more likely to be implemented as a forced sale of the property in question. And a judgment accrues interest until it is paid or satisfied with the judgment creditor.

Does a lien go off a home after 7 years if not paid?

It depends on your state laws. Check your state laws to see how long a judgment can be enforced and if judgments are "renewable" in your state. My state (Georgia) length of time a judgment (lien) can be enforced is seven years unless the creditor requests a renewal of the judgment by filing in court again. Then they have seven more years to attempt to enforce the judgment.

How do you remove a property judgment?

You have to pay the creditor the full amount of the debt for which the lien against the property was issued.