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Try Goof Off, Motsenbocker Latex Paint Remover, Goo Gone, and Oops! are all products designed for this. Acetone may work as well (especially for nail polish!). Make sure you first test an area that will not be seen (under a piece of furniture or in a closet) to make sure the solvent or cleaner will not attack the carpet.

Try Fantastic-I was able to remove KILZ oil based from carpeting with this. Fantastic is a miracle cleaner- I highly recommend it to clean everything

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Q: How can you remove a paint stain from carpeting?
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How do you remove a paint thinner stain from a wood furniture?

There really isn't a way to remove a paint thinner stain from wood furniture. You must repaint or re-stain the furniture.

Can you stain over paint on a deck?

No, you need to remove the paint first.

How do you remove oil paint from a straw hat?

Gently scrape the paint and apply a dry spotter. Apply stain remove to loosen the stain while using an absorbent pad.

How do you remove paint from wood?

Sanding off the old layer. If it was an oil based stain, you might have to use a stain-stripper. i dont think you can remove it but you can paint it again after it dried

How can you remove paint from a blanket?

use what ever stain fighter you have

How do you remove liquid fire stains from your sink?

You will need to paint the stain with a pickling gel. It is very rough, but it will get the stain off.

How do you remove stain from a wooden deck?

You can try paint remover or paint the desk color over it.

How do you remove a soda stain from drywall?

Get a new dry wall or paint over it. The stain stainsthe wall, so you can pretty much only paint over it.

How do you get emulsion paint off carpet?

I spilled some stain/varnish on my carpeting...gently scraped it with a razor and then a comb and then stean cleaned it.....good as new....

How do you remove paint stains?

Apply Kerosene on the paint stain and rub it with hand and brush, then wash it with soap

How do you remove timber stain on PVC spouting?

use paint thinner or white spirits

Why turpentine is used to remove paint stain?

Because that's it's best thinner.

How do you remove deck stain paint off the outside of a pool liner?

To remove deck stain paint from the outside of a pool liner a person could try a solution of water and baking soda with just enough water to make a paste. If the pool liner is porous, it will not be removed easily. A person could also spray paint over the stain.

How do you remove latex paint from composite decking?

Did some trim work and got some stain on my composite decking how can I remove it

How do you stain a white bathroom vanity darker stain?

You will first have to remove the white paint. Use a paint thinner to help you get the paint off. Then you will want to use a light sandpaper and smooth the wood of the vanity. You can then apply the dark stain. The final touch is to apply a clear sealer and then lightly sand it.

What is the difference between concrete paint and concrete stain?

The main difference between concrete paint and stain is that stain is colored and thinner. Concrete paint is used mainly to paint over top of existing concrete while stain will change the color. Stain is used more indoors than the paint.

How do you remove old English oil polish from panling to paint?

Unfortunately, because Old English is an oil based product with dark stain in it, you will not be able to remove it from the paneling. However, if you are wanting to paint the paneling, the best thing to do would be to apply a 'stain killer' to the paneling first, such as Kilz, available at your local hardware or paint store. This also works well to block any 'stain' that is on your walls before painting, such as lipstick, ink, pencil, etc. and prevent the stain from bleeding through the new paint.

Will Naphtha cleaning solvent remove wood stain from furniture?

No, Naptha is not a strong enough solvent to remove wood stain from furniture. Use a paint and stain stripper instead. They are available in environmentally friendly versions along with versions that actually work.

How do you remove house paint from clothes that have been washed?

Once the clothes have been washed, the paint is probably in them permanently. You can try paint thinner, but this is likely to stain the clothes anyway.

Why cant a paint stick like a stain?

Paint stays on the surface and stain soaks into the the surface.

Can you paint with acrylic paint over polyurethane stain?

Yes, you can paint latex paint over polyurethane stain after applying an oil-based primer.

How do you get paint off a wool sweater?

It is possible to remove paint from a wool sweater. Simply soak the stain in water, then use a paint scraper to lift off as much of the paint as possible. Then, spray the remainder of the paint with hairspray and let sit for 20 minutes. Finally, scrub the stain with a toothbrush, and it should go completely away.

How do you remove Coal tar shampoo stain removal from shower floor?

A small amount of turpentine or paint thinner on a cloth will usually lift a stain like this from the bathtub.

Removing oil paint from ceramic floor tile?

You can remove oil paint from ceramic floor tile by using paint thinner. Wet a soft cloth with paint thinner and rub it over the paint stain until it is removed.

How do you remove algae chemical stain from pool?

Try bleech it works for evrything and if that doesnt work paint over it