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In case your computer got infected, try the following:

  • Get an antivirus program (if you don't have one already)
  • Update your antivirus
  • Scan all your computer and delete, repair or quarantine the infected files.
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โˆ™ 2007-06-23 18:40:22
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Q: How can you remove a virus called Issasexe that prevents you from logging on to your computer by showing a warning and shutting down before boot-up is complete?
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Why does the update icon not disappear after updates are complete?

The update icon might not disappear after updates are complete because the computer still has to restart to finish updates. Restarting the computer or shutting it down and rebooting will usually fix this problem.

What is computer operations?

starting and shutting down of a computer

What is shutting down of a computer?

turning the computer off

Should hibernates be turned on when shutting down computer?

no you are shutting the coumpter down whats the point?

Why should people shutdown their computers?

Shutting down a computer * Saves energy * Lets it cool down * Reduces Disk wear * Gives you a clean slate when it is tuned on again * Stops radiation from leaving the computer * Prevents malfunction when no-one is around.

If my computer keeps shutting down will system cooling help?

Yes, it should stop all shutting down actions by your computer if the system is overheating.

Shutting down and Restarting computer?

many reasons but just scan your computer to be on the safeside

You can not open your drives with double click?

Have you tried shutting down all programs, then shutting down and re-starting your computer ?

Does utorrent download the file even when shutting down the computer?


What is it to quit all applications and turn off the computer?

It would be referred to as shutting down the computer.

How do you refresh all your computer?

Re-booting your computer will refresh everything without shutting it down completely.

What is wrong with the computer if it keeps shutting down?

You have a virus. Or it is continuously overheating?

Why does your computer turn on by itself after shutting down?

that's called RESTARTING

Why does your computer keep randomly shutting off?

It could be overheated, there could also be a computer virus infecting the server thus shutting it off. If you want to surf safely in the web, get an antivirus total protection

Which uses more power leaving computer running or shutting it on and off?

Leaving it on.

What is the difference between shutting down your computer and putting it into sleep mode?

Shutting down your computer turns of your operating system and any active programmes and then turns off. Sleep mode just turns off your monitor.

Your computer keeps shutting off automatically after reboot?

its likely the matrix virus what just is made so when your computer starts up in starts and crashes your computer.

What is shutting down?

Shutting down means closing or turning off. For instance, when you turn off your computer, you shut it down. When a circus shuts down it's closing.

How to stop a computer from shutting down automatically?

What you have to do is go to command prompt and type in: shutdown -a

Why is shutting down a computer using the start menu is the best?

For windows, it does a series of processes that help the computer store information and process better

How do you unfreeze your computer without shutting it down?

go ctrl alt del and see what the problem is

What should i do when your computer turns off?

When my computer would unexpectedly shut down on its own it turned out that the processor fan was bad and the computer was shutting down due to the processor overheating.

What does the deadman control do?

The deadman control prevents hand injuries that can occur when operators attempt to clear the chute of wet grass without shutting down the engine.

Why would your computer suddenly power down?

One possible reason for a computer shutting down by itself is if the CPU were to overheat. I advise checking the cooling fans.

Why is the computer shutting down by itself?

My computer had a tendency to this. you probably either have a virus or you need to take your computer to someone who can 'clean up' your computer. (get rid of unnecessary programs or the virus if you have one) I may be wrong but I hope this helps :)