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try scrubbing with rubbing alcohol. It should come off.

2007-07-12 21:09:43
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Q: How can you remove acrylic paint from rubber shoes called Crocs that I painted?
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How do you remove acrylic paint from rubber?

Though most people suggest using rubbing alcohol to remove acrylic paint from rubber, a less-messy way would be to use a GUM ERASER (like this:[slash]generals-gum-eraser[slash]10802793.html). It works very quickly and easily, and all you have to do is pick off balled up pieces of rubber from the eraser, so that you have a clean edge to work with to continue with the paint removal.

How do you remove crazy glue from rubber?

You can't remove it from rubber.

Why you use acrylic?

can piant acrelyc resin on rubber door mats

What materials are made from oil?

Acrylic Nylon Rubber plastic Paint

How do you get airbrush off your acrylic nails?

Depends entirely what you were spraying in the airbrush. You didn't say what. The only thing that will effectively remove most paint is the thinners of that paint. -If this destroys your acrylic nails so be it. You should wear rubber gloves if you are careless with things like this.

What sort of material is made from oil?

Acrylic Nylon Rubber Plastic Paint

What can you make a vampire squid out of for a project?

You could make a model out of rubber, clay, acrylic

How can you remove acrylic paint from rubber?

If you can't scrape it off or it doesn't just peel off, you'll need a stripper that does not harm the underlying surface. PPG's Duraprep line has a couple that will work well.

Where can you get rubber?

The rubber that comes from oil is called 'synthetic rubber'. The rubber that comes from trees is called 'natural rubber'.

Is rubber transparent?

It can be. Here's the problem: "rubber" is a generic terms that includes a variety of different products. There are:acrylic rubberbutadine rubberbutyl rubberchlorobutylchlorinated polyethylenechlorosulphonated polyethyleneepiclorhydrinethylene acrylicethylene propylene rubberfluoroelastomersfluorosilicone rubberhydrogenated nitrile rubberisoprene rubbernatural rubbernitrile rubberperfluoro elastomerspolycloroprenepolynorbornene rubberpolysulfide rubberpolyurethane rubberpolyethane rubbersilicone rubbersytrene butadiene rubbertetra-fluoroethylene/propyleneThere are as well more than thirty different proprietary formulas for different types of rubber. Many of these can be blended in such a wasy as to render them transparent. Have you ever seen clear in-line skate wheels? These are a form of transparent rubber, often polyurethane.

What are clear rubber stamps made out of?

Clear rubber stamps are made from acrylic and you are able to stamp accurately and with perfect precision, something wood block and foam-backed rubber stamps can't offer

How do you use acrylic rubber stamps?

you squish it onto an ink pad and the stamp it on a paper or another material

How do you remove super glue from rubber?

You can't without ruining the rubber.

How can you remove block printing ink from rubber?

You can ink by smothering the rubber in vasaline and bleach

What is rubber tree fluid called?

Rubber tree fluid is called sap.

How do you remove rubber from inside of dryer?

Use a rubber scraper to remove rubber from inside of the dryer. It is best not to use chemicals in the dryer. If you do decide to use chemicals use caution because many of them are flammable.

Are rubber gloves really made of rubber?

Yes Indeed Rubber gloves are made out of a substance called rubber.

How do you remove the smell from new rubber tires?


How do you remove silly putty from rubber?

put it in the freezer

Should you remove the rubber from a bat and put tape on it?


What are some examples of plastic?

Here are a few acrylic, film (cling film), nylon, rubber, polystyrene, polyethylene, PET, polypropylene and PVC.

Can acetone used to remove rubber paint?

Yes, it can for most rubber paints. Xylene works for some also.

What is a rubber scraper?

That is a kitchen tool, used to remove batter and other materials from bowls and dishes prior to washing. (Sometimes it is mistakenly called a "spatula".)

Do you get rubber from the rainforest?

yes there are people called rubber harvesters who pick it.

What is process of extraction of rubber called?

From the plant - "tapping" rubber sap.