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It is in the ECM and not removable.

You'll need to buy a performance chip.

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Q: How can you remove the governor of a 94 Grand Prix?
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Will a 94 grand prix door fit a 92 grand prix?

yes, the 2 door grand prix uses the same door from 1988 to at least 1996

1994 grand prix will not start?

I have a 94 grand prix as well, if you could specify the issue I might be able to help.

Where can i find a 1997 Pontiac grand prix vacuum line diagram?

I'm looking for a vacuum line diagram for a 94 grand prix

Is a 94 on a 98 Pontiac grand prix transmission the same?


What would cause a 94 Grand Prix to suddenly stop while driving?


Where is the voltage regulator on a 94 grand prix?

Inside the alternator. In the alternater. Sorry, in the alternator.

94 Grand Prix LE stop light fuse burns out as soon as you step on break?

yep it is supposed to. well if it does just lick it and it will be better, cuz i have a '94 grand prix and every time it runs out i just lick it :P

How do you remove to governor on a 94 del sol?

there isn't one.

Do you have to remove gas tank to replace fuel pump on 94 grand prix se?

Unless there is an access panel above the fuel pump in the trunk, which I doubt there is, unfortunately the answer is YES.

Ac compresser is not turning on in 94 grand prix?

your compressor will not kick on if not enough pressure in system

Can a 3800 motor go in a 94 grand prix gtp?

yes it can with minor modifications. My friend did that.

CAn 22inch rims fit on a 94 grand prix?

yes all you need is to raise the suspension

How do you replace oil pump on 1994 Pontiac grand prix 3.1l?

please helpp me replace a oil pump for my 94 grand prix, I 'm having problems removing oil pan! what do I needto do ?

What is oil capacity of 1994 grand am 3.1l engine?

ym 94 grand prix 3.1l uses 4.5 quarts with new oil filter

Why does your 94 Grand Prix use oil it does not smoke or have eternal leaks?

well it is a 94 you may need new rings hoe much and hoe often

The blinkers on your 94 grand prix went out the fuse is good could it be a bad relay and if it is where do you locate it?

check the flasher.

How do you use the start in second botton on your 94 Pontiac grand prix?

press button push down on gas peddle!

Where is the fuel pump on 94 grand prix?

The fuel pump is in the gas tank. To access it the fuel tank has to be removed or dropped .

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 94 Pontiac grand prix?

The 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix fuel pump relay switch can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The fuel pump relay switch will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

Where are the fuel injectors on a 94 pointic grand prix 3.1?

The fuel injectors on a 3.1 are located under the upper intake manifold.

How do you change leaf spring on 1994 Pontiac grand prix?

94 grand prix does not have leaf springs <--- that answer is wrong, I know there is a mono leaf. Take the rear spindles off on both sides and unbolt the leaf then slide it out of the spindles piece of cake...

Do a 94 grand prix and a 95 Grand Am have the same starter?

It depends on what motor the 2 vehicles have, if they both have the 3.1, then yes, if one has the 3.4 and the other has the 3.1, then no, and vice versa.

How do you remove governor 94 silverado?

Im considering buying one does it have alot of power and what does it cut off at

How do you change a transmission in a 94 grand prix?

Take it to a transmission shop. It's too much for a home mechanic. I tried and failed misserably!

What kind of motor oil should you use for your 94 Grand Prix?

Any of the major American oils in SAE 10w30 weight will be fine.