How can you remove worms born in your pool?


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You could drain your pool and have it cleaned. Or just have a pool cleaner clean it for you. And next time use chlorine to prevent larvae from hatching in your pool.


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Red worms in your swimming pool are NOT dangerous to you but it is dangerous to the red worms. Red worms are much like earthworms. They need to be in soil not water with harmful chemicals such as chlorine. I have no red worms in MY pool as you so state.

there is no such thing as a "pool worm"

Pool worms they come from the trees and blow into the pool. Keep up on the chlorine, make sure the levels are right and use the pool cover when it is not in use. The chlorine will eventually kill them and they will be filtered out.

put a lip around the perimeter of your pool

Yes, no one wants to swim with worms. Ew.

Do'nt remove the worms they are part of the composting process.

Pile a small line of crushed shells along the pool deck edge. The sensitive worm's tummies will prevent them from crossing over to the pool. The problem is the worms crawl out during rain, then when the rains stop, the worms dry out and head for the nearest source of water - your pool. Stop them from entering your pool deck area in the first place with crushed shells. Ian D.

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To get red of red worms in your swimming pool put shock it in your pool for 3 days in a row then if they are not gone you call a bug exterminator, he or she should know what to do if he does not know how call the company you bought the pool from they should give you some good tips.

There are a number of ways you could remove stains from worms on a vinyl liner. You could use cleaners.

Worms come out at night and on cloudy, darkened days. When they travel across the ground and end up in the pool they drown and collect there. Unlike crickets, spiders and other insects, worms lack the ability to swim to a place where they can get out of the water

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If your filter is repaired then you can just vacuum the pool.

Probably mosquito larvae. Chlorine will do the trick. Stop by your local pool supply.

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