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Replace the faucet.

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How do you repair bathroom door knob?

First, you have to determine what type of knob it is. It maybe possible that it is cheaper and easier to replace it with a new one. You can buy a bedroom/bathroom knob for about $5. If you have an older door with the old latch style knob and lock, there is a brass plate that covers the section of door to be prepared for the new knob. I know I am not very descriptive with my answer, sorry. If you bring this question to a hardware store-they will show you these parts.

Where will I find the water shut-off in my house?

Do I need to shut off the water to my house in order to do some shower repair? If so, where would the knob be located?

How do you repair a loose faucet knob?

To repair a loose faucet knob, find the set screw that holds the handle. Using an Allen wrench, turn the set screw to the right until tight.

Does the right or left knob control hot water?

the left knob controls hot water.

Why is Spruce Knob important in West Viginia?

Spruce Knob is important because it is the highest point in the state.

Why was Spruce knob famous for in West Virginia?

{| |- | Spruce Knob is the highest point in the state. That makes it a landmark. Most people know the highest point in their state. |}

What is Spruce Knob?

The highest point in West Virginia.

How do you change the gear knob on a golf mk2?

To change the gear knob on a golf MK2 too need the tool box that will help you open and get access to the area that has the gear knob. You can then change the gear knob from this point.

Highest point in West Virgina?

Spruce Knob.. It is 4,863.

Why is your shower luke warm when the bathroom sink runs hot?

I ran into this problem at my new house. You have to take the shower knob off and there will be instructions inside to adjust the water temperature. This is to protect children from getting burnt from turning the water on too hot.

Why was Spruce knob famous in WestVirginia?

Spruce Knob is famous in West Virginia because it is the highest point in West Virginia (4,863 ft)

How do you repair a Dodge Stratus heater directional knob that has become disconnected?

If the knob is broken go to the dealer and buy a new one they are like 10 bucks a piece. They install by just pushing them on.

Why would there be no hot water coming from your shower?

There could be a lot of reasons. Hot water entry point clogged, hot water heater out, Hot water line broke or not hooked up. If this problem has only happened since the shower has been replaced or serviced, the chances are that there is a hot water safety that just needs to be adjusted. Take off the handle, look at the assembly, you should see a plastic sleeve or knob that can be turned. This knob stops that handle from turning past a certain point which restricts the flow of hot water.

What is the Elevation of Spruce Knob in feet West Virginia?

Spruce Knob, at 4,863 feet, is the highest point in the state of West Virginia. It is located in Pendelton County.

Why is the spruce knob famous in verginia?

Spruce Knob is actually in West Virginia, not Virginia. It's famous for being the highest point in the state of West Virginia.

Why wont the knob on your dishwasher turn?

A trained, qualified diswasher repair person should be able to get it working very soon

What are some bathroom fixtures that start with the letter D?

Drains, deodorant and door knob are things found in the bathroom that begin with the letter d. Additional items include Drano drain cleaner, drawers, door and digital scale.

Do door knob float?

It depends on Material like if its a Metal Knob then definetly it will sink because density of Metal is more than Water....

Why will a light not work on knob and tube wiring with 120V of power on meter?

According to www.wilberelectrical.com knob and tube wiring is no longer legal. You will need to replace it. Chances are, as knob and tube wiring is very, very old, something has broken or it has been disconnected as knob and tube is not very safe. I would recomment replacing it with modern wiring devices rather than trying to repair it.

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