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Replace the faucet.

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Q: How can you repair the hot water knob on your bathroom sink if it won't turn to the point that you can run hot water from the sink?
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How do you repair bathroom door knob?

First, you have to determine what type of knob it is. It maybe possible that it is cheaper and easier to replace it with a new one. You can buy a bedroom/bathroom knob for about $5. If you have an older door with the old latch style knob and lock, there is a brass plate that covers the section of door to be prepared for the new knob. I know I am not very descriptive with my answer, sorry. If you bring this question to a hardware store-they will show you these parts.

Where will I find the water shut-off in my house?

Do I need to shut off the water to my house in order to do some shower repair? If so, where would the knob be located?

How do you repair a loose faucet knob?

To repair a loose faucet knob, find the set screw that holds the handle. Using an Allen wrench, turn the set screw to the right until tight.

Does the right or left knob control hot water?

the left knob controls hot water.

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Why is your shower luke warm when the bathroom sink runs hot?

I ran into this problem at my new house. You have to take the shower knob off and there will be instructions inside to adjust the water temperature. This is to protect children from getting burnt from turning the water on too hot.

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