How can you reply to anata ni aitai?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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watashi/boku mo aitai = i also want to meet

aitakkunai = i don't want to meet

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Q: How can you reply to anata ni aitai?
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How do you write anata ni aitai in Japanese?

'Anata ni aitai' is written asあなたに会いたい in Japanese. This means 'I want to see you'.

What is ni aitai?

"I want to meet ..." eg. "Elvis ni aitai" --> "I want to meet Elvis."

How do you say i'd like to meet your family in Japanese?

あなたの家族に会いたい "Anata no kazoku ni aitai"

What does Anata no watashi mean in English?

"Anata no" = your "watashi" = me "Anata no watashi" is most likely to be said when someone is referring to the listener's perception of themself (the speaker). If I said "Anata no watashi WA uso desu", this would mean "You're perception of me is a lie." (or "I'm not really who you think I am.") "uso" = lie

When was Anata ni Muchū created?

Anata ni Muchū was created on 1973-09-01.

When was Anata ni Tsutaetai created?

Anata ni Tsutaetai was created on 2009-10-21.

How do you say my girlfriend in Japanese?

'Iwant to be your girlfriend' when translated into Japanese may be:あなたの彼女になりたい (anata no kanojo ni naritai)あなたの恋人になりたい (anata no koibito ni naritai)あなたのガールフレンドになりたい (anata no gaarufurendo ni naritai)

How do you say 'I want to see Eiko' in Japanese?

You may say 'Eiko ni aitai.'

How do you say i have fall in love with you in Japanese?

"Anata ni horeteimasu."ah-nah-tah nee hoh-reh-teh-ee-moss

What doesWatashi wa amarini mo anata ketsuyo mean?

I think it's meant to mean 'I miss you too', but it is very bad Japanese. To say 'I miss you too', one would say私もあなたに会いたいよ (watashi mo anata ni aitai yo) or私もあなたが欲しい (watashi mo anata ga hoshii).

Where are you translated to Japanese?

anata WA doko ni imasuka

How do you say 'I miss you' Japanese?

Best would be to say 'Anata/kimi ga koishii' (literally: you are so missed) (Anata would be slightly politer than kimi which is casual for 'you'.) There are several other ways to express it when you miss someone in Japanese. You can simply say 'anata ni aitai' (literally: want to see you), or 'anata wo natsukashindeiru' (I miss you), or 'anata ga inakute sabishii' (with you gone I'm lonely).