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If you want to restart, depending on what you mean, you could restart your Wii, or you could start another file on you Guitar Hero. If you do not want to make another file, just delete the game block on you Wii. Those are some of the ways that you can completely restart your game. Hitting restart on the Wii does not completely restart the game files, though.

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Yes, Muse's 'Uprising' in on Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

it contains the official warriors of rock guitar, a guitar hero mic, the new warriors of rock drum kit, and the game.

Unlike Guitar Hero 5, you cannot use miis in the Warriors of Rock version.

Yes, there is. The most recent Guitar Hero game was Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. (Guitar Hero 6)

guitar hero 1, guitar hero 2, guitar hero:encore rock the 80s, guitar hero 3:legends of rock, guitar hero:van halen, guitar hero world tour, guitar hero 5, guitar hero: warriors of rock!

Yes Guitar Hero WOR Is Multiplayer.

As of 12/16/10 guitar hero warriors of rock

As Far as I know there are no bots for Warriors of Rock

Yes; because I have GH: Warriors of Rock and GH: Legends of Rock and I use the Warriors of Rock guitar for both.

Yes you can, you can use every type of guitar for any Guitar Hero game.

Yes, any Xbox 360 Guitar will work with Guitar Hero: WoR even Rock Band guitars.

If you mean Warriors of Rock, then yes. It will work for all other Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands

The final Guitar Hero they will ever make is Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. They are, however, still going to make more Rock Band games

No, but its the first- Guitar hero Metallica, guitar hero 5 and warriors of rock features a microphone.

i have the warriors of rock game also. you can play any type of rockband games with the warriors of rock equipment. i have two other rock band's that i play the drums with. the only thing is that it takes away the orange cymbal for the rock band games.

the guitar and mic will work the drums will NOT

yes, you can. all of the Guitar Hero drums will work with Guitar Hero Games, but only on the same console

Yes its called Warriors of Rock

The answer is.... yes, but Guitar Hero has been postponed for 2011 only. In 2012, a new Guitar Hero game should be released. :)

You can't. Guitar Hero controllers work with rock band not visa versa. Unless you are some kind of hacker there's no way to do that.

Yes. Every game after Guitar Hero III supports guitar, bass, drums, and microphone.

Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock It is only on the wii 360 and ps3 the ps2 support has been discontinued

Yes and also from metallica and world tour i think

No, Rock Band songs cannot be imported to the Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock game. These both belong to two different franchises and are published by two completely different companies. They are not cross compatible.