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level up your pet and lt it grow bigger

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you can't

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Q: How can you return clothes on moviestarplanet?
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Can you get maried on moviestarplanet?

You can get married on MovieStarPlanet but no one will know except if you tell them. There are some animations and clothes you can buy when you decide to get married to someone on MovieStarPlanet

How do you trade on movie star planet?

You Can't Trade Pets On Moviestarplanet. Only Clothes And House Hold Items. Sorry!

Can you gift boonies on moviestarplanet?

As you feed your pet it starts growing and clothes gets on them. Or if you play with your pet the same thing will happen.

Can you return outlet store clothes to the retail store?

yes you can return store clothes to the retail store

How do you change clothes on moviestarplanet?

Click on your avatar. It should say somewhere change clothes, and by the words is a picture of a closed basket. If you click on it it opens up your wardrobe, and you click on your avatar what you want to take off, and click on the clothes you're not wearing to put them on.

How do you moviestarplanet?

you dont moviestarplanet its a website. go on and make a file. ( im rocker8377 on moviestarplanet)

How do you return clothes on Stardoll?

You can't once you have bought them you can't return them sorry!

Is moviestarplanet copyright?

All content on the site is protected by copyright, and even things you create using it are the property of the site. The "legalease" version of this is in their terms and conditions:The MovieStarPlanet website is owned by MovieStarPlanet. The MovieStarPlanet website is for individual, non-commercial, non-transferable, entertainment use only. Subject to user's compliance with the site's terms and conditions, we grant users a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right and license. This enables users to enter and play on the MovieStarPlanet website.All rights and content on the MovieStarPlanet website are reserved to MovieStarPlanet. Individuals are not permitted to use any of MovieStarPlanet's material, such as movie stars, movie star clothes and items, logos, icons, backgrounds, background music etc. for commercial purposes outside of the MovieStarPlanet website. This means that users may not copy, distribute, sell, publish, send or otherwise recirculate MovieStarPlanet material to a third party without the written consent of MovieStarPlanet. Individuals may not change, revise or replace any material found on the website, either in its entirety or parts thereof.

Is moviestarplanet for teenagers?

Ages 8-15 are the ages that are supposed to be on MovieStarPlanet

What do you have to do to unlock moviestarplanet?

how do i unlock moviestarplanet so i can go online a gen

How do you send coins to people on moviestarplanet?

It is impossible to send Starcoins on Moviestarplanet

When you are a VIP on Moviestarplanet do you still get to wear your VIP clothes even when you are not a VIP?

You can, actually. I have seen a NonVIP wear the Street Geek glasses and other VIP clothes. I knew she was a VIP because of her eyes. You can still wear your VIP clothes, it's just that you can't do any VIP stuff.