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You can run water uphill with a garden hose by decreasing the size of the hose as it moves away from the water source. By decreasing the hose size, pressure in the hose increases and the water will travel uphill.

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Q: How can you run water uphill with a garden hose?
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Is drinking from a garden hose dangerous?

no its still water but let it run a couple minutes first

What are the step to Flushing a 2000 DTS Radiator?

Remove the bottom radiator hose. Put a garden hose into the top of the radiator. Allow the garden hose to run until the water coming out of the bottom of the radiator is clear.

How do you remove water from a garden hose for winter storage?

unreal hose straight on a downhill slope and let gravity do the rest. Blow through it. Make sure both ends of the hose are open. Stretch hoose out to full length (on an incline, if possible). Raise the uphill end as high as you can. Water will run out the low end. Slowly begin coiling the house - allowingwater to run out until none is left. Pick up one end of the hose and lift up at least shoulder high. Don't let any of the hose go lower than your shoulders, Continue this until you have worked your way down the entire length of the hose. The water will run out as you do along.

How much does it cost to run a garden hose for one hour on full blast?


How do you flush a heater core on a 1992 Dodge Dakota?

Look at the firewall in the back of your engine compartment. You will see two water hoses come out . Unscrew and pull off both hoses. Get a garden hose and cut off metal fitting. Twist on garden hose on one of the pipes sticking out of the firewall. Run hose water through it for 5 minutes. Then repeat on other pipe .

How to unclog a Clogged heater core?

Unhook the two hoses going to the heater core. Use a hose clamp to hook a garden hose onto one of the stems from the core. Turn the water on full blast. Run the water through until clear water comes out.

After putting bleach down the well how long do the faucets run in the house before the bleach comes through the pipes?

Generally 24-48 hours. Run off lots of water to speed up process (ex run garden hose)

How do you unclog a heater core on a 1998 Chrysler town and country mini-van?

Remove both hoses, run water both ways through with a garden hose.

How do you flush motor of waverunner?

you must first put on your yamaha hose adapter for your garden hose. then without turning the water on plug the hose into the yamaha. there should be a place to put the hose in the engine compartment. then start your engine the turn the water on. make sure the water never on when the engine is off. let the pwc run at idle speed for 240 seconds (4 mins). then turn the water off and shut down your engine. gracias

How do you flush the radiator in a 2002 mercury cougar since there is no radiator cap?

Remove both upper and lower radiator hoses and run your garden hose water through from the top opening.

in which way does water run?

Regrets if I misunderstand your question, but water always flows downhill, unless something is applying force to the water forcing it uphill.

Which way does water run in Canada?

Regrets if I misunderstand your question, but water always flows downhill, unless something is applying force to the water forcing it uphill.