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Shinrai shite i nai hito

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Q: How can you say One who doesn't trust in Japanese?
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How do you say Trust me in Japanese In English text?

You may say 'shinjite kudasai.'

How do you say trust from English to Japanese?

信頼 Shinrai

How do you say Welcome trust is my duty in Japanese?

Sore ga shinjitsu nara

How do you say no one Japanese?

You can say "だれも" (daremo) in Japanese, which translates to "no one" in English.

You like this guy who you are almost certain likes you too what do you do for him to ask you out?

If he doesnt mean it say no but if he does say well say yes and if he doesnt like you forget about him forget about him hes not in your life any more. If some one likes you and you don't like them be nice to them and just be friends with every one and somthing good might happen to you don't know i have been through this a lot of times and all this it worked so do this if it doesnt work iam sorry but it should I've been through it a lot and a lot and a lot of times trust me and i trust you ok best of luck.

How do you say no one can understand me in Japanese?

The way that you would say no one can understand me in Japanese is ________________. If you wanted to add the words but you to the end of no one can understand me, you would say _______.

How do you say I love fish in Japanese?

well my coumputer doesnt type japan but i do know how to say it... shuri kans semua no how to say it easeir shuri cans see moo a

Your boyfriend doesnt trust you and makes you feel like everything you do or say is wrong?

That's not good, if you dont have trust, then you realy have nothing. As far as the making you feel like everything you do is wrong, well my advice is to leave, like i said no trust, & this will wear you down after a while, not worth it, find someone who does trust you & doesnt put u down making you feel wrong.

How do you say no one in Japanese?


How do you say one in Japanese?


How do you say trust in a different language?

In Spanish, "trust" is translated as "confianza." In French, "trust" is translated as "confiance." In German, "trust" is translated as "Vertrauen." In Japanese, "trust" is translated as "俥頟" (shinrai).

Do you say 'trust you' or 'trust in you'?

Well it depends if you mean~ "I trust you." or "I have trust in you." The first one makes a little more sense though.