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I don't know EXACTLY what you mean...If you mean can you BE in New York while in China that's impossible. But, if you mean how can I get from there to there...You can take an Airplane, or Boat.


You can buy a DVD of a movie set in New York.

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How is china and New York different?

New York is A state And China Is A country

What time is it in Shanghai China at 9 AM EST in New York?

10 PM CST (China Standard Time). China is 13 hours ahead of New York. Currently, China does not observe Daylight Saving Time, so while New York is on EDT (Eastern daylight time), China is only 12 hours ahead.

How many miles from New York New York to Beijing China?

There are approximately 18,919 kilometers, or 11,751 miles between New York, New York and Beijing, China.

Which is nearer from china New York or California?


What is the time difference between New York City and china South?

There is a 12 hour different between China and New York.

When was China Barbie born?

China Barbie was born on October 1, 1978, in New York City, New York, USA.

What is the air mileage distance from Shanghai China to New York City New York?

The air distance from Shanghai, China, to New York City, New York, is 7,384 miles. That equals 11,882 kilometers or 6,416 nautical miles.

What is Italy called in New York?

Little Italy is a "fake Italy" in New York and there is also a China Town in New York.

How many air miles is it from New York City New York to Shanghai China?

Air distance from New York City, New York, to Shanghai, China, totals 7,384 miles. That equals 11,882 kilometers or 6,416 nautical miles.

Can you collect New York state unemployment benefits while being self-employed?


Does it have a china town in new york?


What is the time difference between China and new york?

13 hours. Example: 4 AM Friday in China = 3 PM Thursday in New York.

What is the name of river start with h?

· Hackensack River (New York, New Jersey) · Hampton River (Virginia) · Han (China) · Harlem River (New York) · Harpeth River (Tennessee) · Huai (China) · Huallaga (Peru) · Huang He River (China) · Hudson (New York)

How many miles from new york to china?

fron nyc to china it is about 7900miles

When was While New York Sleeps created?

While New York Sleeps was created in 1920-09.

Where do blue jays live in spring?

China New York City and in other parts of New York

Does this sentence need a comma While you ate dinner you admired your new china?

While you ate dinner, you admired your new china.

Is california east west south or north of new york?

California is west of New York, being on the Pacific coast while New York is on the Atlantic coast. Practically all of New York is farther to the north than California, with New York City about the same latitude as Eureka in extreme northern California.

Where is the Jones New York clothing manufactured?


Where was volleyball made?

china town new york

What store can you buy heelys in new york?


Is china bigger than New York?


What were major occupations in colonial new york?

china was one of the occupation. they flew to china

What is the distance from China to New York?

== == The answer depends on where you want to go in China. Here are some examples: The distance from Beijing to New York is 6,847 miles (11,019 km); the distance from Shanghai to New York is 7,387 miles (11,888 km). == ==

What are the release dates for China - 1965?

China - 1965 was released on: USA: 25 May 1965 (New York City, New York) UK: September 1965

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