How can you sing better?

If your reading this it'll be because you like singing and want to improve, right? Well the first thing is beleiving in yourself. You MUST be comfortable singing in front of people, or you will never improve. Try singing in front of one close friend first, then four people, then about 10 people, then maybe your whole class/form, then try out for the school talent show and that'll be the whole school...see where I'm going? Build up your confidence! Now I can explain a few tips.

1.) DON'T Imagine the audience naked. Trust me. It makes you laugh.

2.) BREATHE! We breathe all the time, but in singing you have to THINK ABOUT BREATHING. If a line is quite long then you will run out of breath, so take a big breath before the line.

3.) High notes are hard, but some people find it helps to raise their eyebrows in a high note. For me it works!

4.) Take a drink of cold water before a song, cleans the throat.

5.) Don't be afraid to belt out the big notes. Nothing worse than that whispery, gaspy sound people make when they're too afraid to belt a note out!

Hope this helped!

P.S To find out what people really think of your voice, upload videos of you singing to YouTube! :)