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How can you start making love again after a bad break-up?


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I would wait a little to 'do it'

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It depends whenever you fall in love again. There is no limit, so therefore, you can start dating whenever you want to. All depends on your decisions.

They probably say sorry and love each other again and be happy

Because she must really love him. And believe that he wont do it ever again.

That is a simple answer; you can't make someone want to do something. The best thing I can tell you is if the breakup isn't too messy and she isn't too badly hurt by the breakup, after a cooling off period, you could start romancing her all over again. It may or may not work.

No, if love is not there for one person, it is harder in the long run but not heartless to break it off. The good thing about love is it can be felt again and again.

Yup, anything is possible when it comes to relationships. Don't count on it though.

You can't make someone love you as much as it hurts. Sometimes couples breakup and there is still some love left that they can work on, but generally when two people breakup it is better to move forward. As sad as it is for you sometimes life is complicated and a mystery and send you down different roads in your life and why? Because there is that special person out there waiting for you, but you just haven't met yet.

if you love him after your breakup then you might aswell tell him you never no he might still like you to

That totally depends on the nature of the breakup and the nature of the relationship before the breakup. If the breakup was sudden and due to some volatile outside forces and the feelings of the husband and wife remain the same, they might remarry at a later time when those contrary outside forces have calmed down or when the issues have been worked out. Sometimes there may be a deep, everlasting love that is momentarily ruffled by bad stuff. Also, they might just fall in love again

Burning Love - 2012 Breakup Special 2-8 was released on: USA: 2013

Just tell him you like him and he'll like you maybe

beat again one shot andonly making love

The created it from their love of making things, like sauces, out of tomatoes.

You will start looking at her/him a lot and start making randomn conversations so GOOD LUCK!!!

People break up for lack of love in their relationships. Also when there is incompatibility in Character.

You say to him hey I still like you will you reconsider the breakup

Yeah I think and you can Ask EAN if he's gonna breakup with me... Yea I'm Amberly.. I love him but IDk how he feelz about me.

After a breakup most people want to keep their dignity and not look desperate. This may be a short lived breakup and the two of you may just have needed some time apart. What you can do is start getting out with your friends and socialize and start having some fun. You are now free to date anyone you choose and if the event arises and you like the person then go out on a date and don't worry about your ex. When you go ahead in life after a breakup and don't sit around moping this often will get your ex to sit up and take notice and you have a much better chance of getting back together again if it is meant to be. Human nature dictates that human's often want what they think they can't have.

If you really loved her you wouldn't consider breaking up with her in the first place so it sounds like you either have a guilty conscience or you are in love with love. You are going to make the call so move ahead in your future and don't bother this young woman again. She will eventually get over the breakup; start dating and find someone she should be with.

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