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If you can stop yourself from throwing up then try to do so. If not, it always helps to talk with someone that has suffered from it or to talk to a parent. I am a recovering anorexic and I had to talk with my Mom about how to eat again. I know that it will be hard but you can do it:) We are proud of you for seeking help:) Good luck and God Bless:)


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Wanting to throw up after each meal for fear of becoming overweight.

Some pets are overweight and some are not so stop feeding them junk food.

yes because it can cause hormonal imbalances. amenorrhoea due to bulimia is very common

Bulimia is an eating disorder that causes you to eat when tired,sad,angry,hungry,lonely,upset,bored,and worried. Most Bulimia Survivors are overweight. So Bulmia is good if you don't get tired, sad, angry, hungry, lonely, upset, bored, or worried. But usually it's bad. I have Bulimia. I eat when im bored and I'm thin.

actually no, you tend to stay about the same, in a lot of cases people stay at a normal to slighly overweight weight.

Bulimia is a mental disorder, so really a person can have the healthiest life style in the world and still be bulimic. Princess Diana had quite a fantastic life style, and she suffered from bulimia for years.

Healthy eating combined with exercise

most likely because she doesn't want to feel out of place

No, masturbation does not stop periods. There are many things that stop periods, Bulimia ,anorexia , use of oral contraceptives, menopause and pregnancy to name a few

When girls have Bulimia Nervosa, they binge (meaning they eat lots and lots, more than the normal amount a person would eat) then purge or upchuck. The girl with Bulimia purges because she may think that she is overweight. This is one reason but not necessarily all the reasons.

Overweight people might become bulimic as a dangerous and un-healthy way to lose weight. Not all bulimics lose weight, either. Some may remain at their weight and some bulimics may even gain some weight.

i have no idea but i want to kno too

it will make you want to eat penut buter when playing

bulimia is a eating disorder.ok bulimia is a eating disorder.ok

Bulimia is a psychologically induced medical condition, not a place. People who have it feel the need to make themselves throw up after eating because they feel guilty or overweight (regardless of whether they really are). It's much more complex than that, but that's a very basic description.

there are 2 types of bulimia, they are Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia Eating Disorder.

There is no "first case of bulimia" since many of the times, bulimia is not reported.

its kind of hard to help people with bulimia without them wanting to help themselves .But if they want help they should talk to a doctor or find long term support group.

Sometimes Bulimia Nervosa responds to anti-depressants. See you physician for a prescription.

If you are obese and you can't stop eating then you should concern to your doctor or go to your nearest clinic.

There is no patron saint of bulimia.

No bulimia does not have a incubation period

Many of the people who have anorexia or bulimia use it as a way to cope with depression, to conquer a fear of becoming overweight, or to "meet the expectations" of family/friends/coaches who pressure them.

Bulimia is an eating disorder that entails eating large quantities of food, or at least more than usual, and inducing vomiting, to avert weight gain. Doing this often could have lasting effects on the esophagus. Where as, obesity it having excessive weight, this is a stage beyond overweight, and is equally as unhealthy as being bulimic. The association with obesity and bulimia is that one prevents the other from happening. But both are unhealthy.

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