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no you cant

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Will the sun stop shining?

When all Hydrogen on Sun is finished it will stop shining

Why would human probably die if the sun suddenly stop shining.justify your response with specific detail?

We need sunlight to survive. Plants would die out and stop producing oxygen. We wouldn't be able to see or breathe.

How many people die from cancer?

79,0000 people die of cancer each year. You can stop that by putting on sun screen when you go on walks or activites out side.

Will the sun ever stop rising?

When the earth stops its rotation the sun will also stop rising.

Why do Mayans sacrifice people for gods?

because they are afraid that the sun god might take away the sun and the crop god will make their crops stop growing then will die of starvation.

What happen when the earth stop revolving round the sun?

there will be no sun and it will be night all the time so plants will die, animals will have no sunlight and we will be in darkness and i world will change. no life can be real!

Do the sun dies?

yes,the sun does die it gets old then it will die

The sun was going to die what do the scientists do?

I don't think there is anything we can do if the Sun were to die.

Will the sun die after 500 billion years?

No, the sun won't die after 500 billion years. The sun will die in roughly 7 billion years.

How do you stop evaporation?

destroy the sun

When will the sun stop burning?

[THEORY] Scientist believe that the sun will stop burning and turn into a black hole in 5 billion years.

What is the rising action of Stop The Sun?

I would say the rising action of Stop the Sun is when Terry has that flashback in the hardware store about his dad.

Would you die if there was no sun?

yes. because the sun gives the earth light and heat and with out the sun we would all die

Can human die from sun?

the sun can cause skin damage and skin cancer, and you can die from that.

Why does earthworm die if they are dried of the sun?

earth worms die from the sun because it dries them out

What happens if earth stop moving around the sun?

Then it would fall into the Sun.

What happens if the planets stop orbiting the sun?

The planets will fall into the sun and get destroyed.

How would the water cycle change without the sun?

Without the sun the water cycle would stop. There would be no evaporation, no clouds, no rain. All rivers would dry up as the glaciers would stop melting and would freeze again.Crops, animals and humans would die.

What rate would the sun die at?

we could die from the the sun cause it can get very hot at like 150 degress out that door with that sun

Do vampires die with the sun?

yes one with out a sun ring but the originals won't die in sunlight

How do you say the sun in German?

the sun = die Sonne

What term means sun stop?


What does the stop the sun title mean?


Can you get to the sun?

no you can not go to the sun , the sun is too hot if you try you would die.

If the earth were to stop rotating on its axis and stop revolving around the Sun how many days would it take for the earth to crash into the Sun?

10 days

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