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How can you talk to the dead?


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July 14, 2010 10:29AM

Here is a proof that there is no such thing as dead. For this proof you have to start a priori with some basic Christian postulates. Here are the postulates I am using:

1. God is omnipresent, that is everywhere and everywhen.

2. Everyone is "resurrected" on "judgement day".

3. The "dead" are conscious of nothing at all. (This is a biblical quote).

Alright so, when someone "dies" then at that point they are not at all conscious. The next moment that they experience is at their resurrection. That person has experienced no interval between the moment they lost consciousness in the flesh and the moment they are conscious in the spirit at "Judgement Day".

To God the person was never dead but actually just "quantum leaped" from the physical form at one point in time to the spirit form at the point of time termed "Judgement Day".

The only ones who perceive the "dead" as dead are those still living in the physical.

Now since God is omnipotent as well (albeit this is another Christian postulate) He then can grant any favor to the resurrected. Another biblical quote is to "ask, and it shall be given" and to "knock and the door shall be opened". Furthermore the Father will not given you a stone should you ask for bread nor a serpent if you ask for a fish.

If you wish to communicate with the "dead" then, using the assumptions in this little expostulation, then the primary requirement is belief.

This power of belief, beyond an attempt to communicate with the dead, is the whole secret to living.

Probably it is better to leave the dead alone, and let them get on with what they now encounter, and focus on being closer to God and more perfectly being the kind of creation you are intended to be.

Just believe.