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You can't talk to your Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum. Only in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver.

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No. The only games where Pokemon can "speak" is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

complete the sinnoh pokedex and talk to professor rowan.

talk to the guy in the Pokemon mantion,that is where i got mine:-)

in the Pokemon center downstairs talk to the one with the head band.

velistone city behind the Pokemon ceter talk to the ppl inside.

go to Sandgem town and talk to the girl that says which Pokemon is where

Talk to Bebe in the house next to the Pokemon center in Hearthome city.

route 209 talk to the fisherman

you talk to a fidherman on route 209

Talk to the guy in floroma meadows

Talk to the mansion owner after you get the national pokedex

you need all of the national dex Pokemon then talk to proffeser oak

talk to the man in the Pokemon fan club building in hearthome city.

In Pokemon Platinum you dont get the key from a grunt you get from the detective, before getting the key you have to go talk to prof. rowan in the library .

first you will need a grotle lv it up to lv.25 then talk to pr.rowan then he will give it to you (only Pokemon platinum)

if you talk to dawns sister she will tell you were you can find a Pokemon she will say there is a beldum on some route you can only talk to her once a day

you can get one from cheryl or go to the Pokemon mansion and talk to one of the maids their you can get one from cheryl or go to the Pokemon mansion and talk to one of the maids their

Talk to the sailor in Canalave City, it will bring you there.

near the survival zone, talk to the fisherman

talk to dawn or lucas sister one day

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