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How can you tell a fake oakley gascan?


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July 15, 2015 3:25PM

Real have a small oakley o at the end of the right side ARM on the inside. The o on the outside of the frame on the fakes have a squared off center, and more rounded outside. You can also see the circles from the injection mold process on the inside of the arms in the middle of the hinge on the fakes, the real ones do not have these. Made in usa on the fakes is bigger and almost in the middle of the ARM. On the real ones it is located right at the edge. The word gascan on the fakes is further forward than the real. It ends at the offset of the ARM on the real and ends past that offset on the fakes. There is a number on the real pair on the inside of the ARM that utilizes the oakley o. No number like this on the fakes. Just a few differences that I see between my $150.00 pair of real gascans. And my $12.00 pair I bought to wear when I'm out working. .