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It may be that he is very nervous and when you are talking to him, he may direct his body towards you, even touch you on the shoulder, arm. He may run into you far more often than by chance. Guys aren't that subtle, you don't have to start reading body language to figure out a guy. If you express an interest in him and he's interested back, you'll know.

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Q: How can you tell a guy may fancy you with his body language?
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How do you tell a guy you fancy him?

open your mouth and tell him

How do you show a guy you do not fancy him anymore through body language?

If before you only showed through body language that you did, simply behave differently now. If you ever told him however that you liked him that much, don't leave him uncertain by only trying to show it to him through body language. Tell him right out that you're not interested anymore.

How do you make a guy fancy you?

Let him do it, dont tell him "honey you need to fancy me" if he loves you enough he will do it on his own.

I fancy a guy I've know him for 7 years how do i tell him how i feel?

just tell him u love him.

How do you flirt with a foreign guy like a guy who speaks a different language?

body language

How do you tell a guy you like them without sounding silly?

You can drop subtle hints, or you can tell him how you feel by saying that you like him, but in a husky voice. Body language works too!

What do you do if you really fancy a guy but never talk to him much?

From a guy just tell him how you feel he will let you now how he thinks Dont be a wuss

How do you keep away from a guy and avoid him a guy who doesnt fancy you anymore?

tell him you need a vacation or should go out more often

What does it mean if a guy says to his friend do you still like georgina and the mate says yeah does he fancy me please no silly answers?

With most men, You can't normally tell first hand if he fancy's you just by a simple phrase like "yeah." Look for more of his body language towards you and the eye contact.

Your not sure if you fancy this guy he is really sweet to every 1 not just you and you think you do fancy him should you tell him?

Not directly. Hint to him that you like him, and you will leave an impression in his mind. See where that takes you.

How to get a guy to fancy you?

flirt with him

What are the release dates for Guy Code - 2011 Religion Body Odor Body Language 3-4?

Guy Code - 2011 Religion Body Odor Body Language 3-4 was released on: USA: 6 February 2013

Can you tell what kind of penis a guy has by the build of his body?

Sadly no!

How can you tekk if this guy likes you It seems like he does he just dumped his gf nd yea how do you tell?

you go up to him and qoute ''fancy a bum''

You are a male Is it gay if a man lights you're cigarette?

If the body language stays pretty general then no, but if the guy lighting the cigarette's body language makes the guy with the cigarette lean towards him then it might look a little gay lol

How do you tell that a guy likes a girl?

hes gay!!!!!!! he usually acts different around her, or in some cases, flirt with her in a mean way as in making fun of her, but jokingly. by his eyes and body language

A guy you like found out and now he is avoiding you what does this mean?

He either: Likes you back and is nervous about it Or he doesn't like you back and doesn't know how to tell you It pretty much depends on his body language

How can you tell if a guy likes your body?

Two ways you can tell if a guy likes your body is if he: 1. When your the last to walk in a room he doesn't look at your face but your body 2. When you are not looking he looks at your butt or your breasts Don't be ashamed if a guy looks at your butt or breasts, its perfectly natural for a guy to check out a girl's body. Also do not be angry or upset if a guy likes your body, you should actually be very thankful. Remember that old saying: If you got it, flaunt it!

How can you get the attention of the guy you like without making it extremely obvious?

body language is helpful

How to tell if this guy is using me for my body?

There is only one way to tell if a guy only wants you for sex. If the guy always ask you to have sex and never ants to do anything else means he is using you.

How can you tell if a guy physically with his body runs into you on purpose?

If he does it again, you know it was on purpose.

Do guys dream about the girl that they fancy ever?

well ofcourse they do, do u dream about the guy u fancy?

Something to say to a guy that is cute and innocent?

tell him you want to give him your body and life. also tell him i want you in me

How do you tell if your boyfriend likes your best friend?

Answer Body LanguageBody language, does he turn his body directly towards her?or lean/sit closer to her when 3 of you are together? Does he pay more attention to her? you can look up other signs of attraction online but heres a link Flirting signals_ ok you are so right that is happening to me it sucks break up with the guy

How can you know that a shy guy is interested?

Well I consider myself a shy guy, and the only way to tell would be that I giggle at every joke a girl I like makes, and I seem to give off a lot of body language, or so I've been told.