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Yellow jackets are larger than sweat bees.

Sweat bees are metallic green.

Yellow jackets are black and bright yellow. Eastern yellow jackets are more black. Western and Southern yellow jackets are more yellow.

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Q: How can you tell a sweat bee from a yellow jacket?
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What is a sweat wasp?

It's a wasp or bee "yellow Jacket" that feeds off of human sweat!

Is there a difference in the venom from a bee to a yellow jacket?

Yes, there is much more venom in the yellow jacket than ordinary bee. The yellow jacket also has more venom then the wasp.

What is a yellow jackets size?

A Yellow Jacket is the size of a small bee like a baby bumble bee.

How is a honey bee alike as a yellow jacket?

They are both black and yellow.

What insect has a yellow body and clear wings?

A bee, or yellow jacket :)

What do you call a green yellow jacket bee?

The similar size and stinger causes the yellow jacket to get confused as a bee. Wasp is the right category to place one in.

This large bee looks like a yellow jacket but is three times bigger than a yellow jacket what type of bee is it?

The cicada wasp looks exactly like a yellow jacket. The one major feature of the cicada wasp that sets it apart from a yellow jacket is its size. The cicada wasp is as much as 4 times as big as a yellow jacket.

What does a yellow jacket bee symbolize?

The yellow jacket bee symbolizes teamwork, productivity, and order. It could also represent a new project such as building a new home.

What is a yellow and black bee that buzzes?

It could be a yellow jacket. They have a nasty sting.

Is the bee called a yellow jacket?

A yellow jacket is a member of the wasp family, so they are definitley not the same. A yellow jacket is much larger, and has a much more painful sting.

What is the yellow jacket bee natural predator?

First, a yellow jacket is a wasp, not a bee. Wasps have very few -- if any -- predators, although a few may fall victim to spiders.

What is a bee that is 3 times bigger than a yellow jacket?


What sound does a yellow jacket bee make?

The sound of a yellow jacket bee can be described as either a tickling, crackling or rustling leaves type noise. This sound helps the bees to communicate with their colony as well as with humans.

Can an Africanized honey bee and a yellow jacket both sting a person?


What kind of bee has a yellow head and tail with a black body?

American bumble bee, Eastern carpenter bee, Five-banded tiphiid wasp , Yellow jacket are found to have a yellow head and tail with black body.

What bee has yellow and white markings?

The yellow jacket wasp is about 15 to 20mm in size and has yellow and/or white markings on it. hope this helped :)

What insect looks like a wasp but has the body that has yellow and black stripes like a bumble bee?

a yellow jacket

What will absolutely kill a yellow jacket bee instantly?

Raid kills bugs fast.

What is the prey of the yellow jacket bumble bee?

You have two species mixed up here: a yellow jacket is a wasp, not a bumble bee. Bumble bees have no prey, they are vegetarian. Wasps prey on the larvae of other insects, which they feed to their own larvae.

What are the names of different kinds of bees?

there r lots of different kinds of bees here are a few of them: Bumble bee, Honey bee, Ground bee, Wasp, Hornets, Carpenter bee ,Yellow jacket.

What type of wasp is black and aggressive?

The type of wasp/bee your talking about may very well be a black jacket,u may know of the (yellow jacket)

What kind of bug looks like a cross between a fly and a yellow jacket?

A bug that looks like a cross between a fly and a yellow jacket is probably a horsefly. Horseflies are just as toxic as a yellow jacket when they bite, because of their saliva, but they do not inject venom into the bite like a bee would.

What kind of wasp looks like a cross between a wasp and a bumble bee with an elongated rounded striped back?

Depending on the size it is either a yellow jacket or a hornet. These insects are closely related and are types of wasps. The yellow jacket is similar in size to a bee, where as, a wasp is much larger.

What is the mascot of Georgia tech?

A Yellow Jacket, not a Bumble Bee or Wasp, nor any other flying insect

What is a bee bite?

A bee bite is what happen when a yellow jacket, hornet, wasp, or other bee not including the honey bee or bumblebee bites an animal or object and a slightly swollen red patch that is tender to the touch is left in its place.